RIP Note: The following project has been canceled. Renewed interest in it is possible, but not likely at this time.

A Miner Named Sam is a canceled short story set in the same continuities as Classic Gerosha, Comprehensive Gerosha, and the independent Meshalutian Trilogy of Dozerfleet Comics.


The story is to trace the origins of serial rapist Samuel Wrikon, better known as Honeybee Samuel. His terrorizing of southern Georgia, his bond with the Marlquaan, his ties to Meshaluta, how he fled to exile in Colorado, and more are to be discussed. Finally, his life as a silver miner is explored. This meets a tragic end when he's blamed for an accident in the silver mines that wasn't his fault. He is executed by being tossed into a house and covered with bees, unable to escape. As he dies from being stung one time too many, a curse is born.

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