Adam-00 is the username of an author and graphic novel artist based out of Hungary, who has proven inspirational to various Dozerfleet Comics projects and operations.


"Trust me, I'm an engineer!"

Original works

Adam first became noticed for his pitch for Kulinarusz, which he came up with on a dare. This soon evolved into an early draft for what would become his most successful graphic novel to date: Cagegirl. He has also worked on stories such as Daredoers, Anadea, and A Kofarago. In late September of 2016, he announced a graphic novel called Priesthunter as being in development. In spite following similar conventions to Cagegirl, he has promised that it will happen "in a totally different universe, and in a much different time period." Coverage of details from Priesthunter on the Dozerfleet Database remain pending, as Cagegirl articles attempt to get caught up.

Works influenced and crossovers

Cagegirl has had some influence on Sodality: Vindication, regarding where the Sodality women in particular would be interned and how at SCALLOP Women's Containment Center. Camelorum Adventures further pays tribute to Cagegirl; by having an episode two-parter dubbed "Cagegiggles in which the Percolation Wave sends Candace, Carly, and Emily to Xira's world - starting with them arriving in Nasraaden.

The three Camelorum Correctional girls quickly find a way to escape before everyone else, in order to excuse them from the story's main plot. They get themselves involved in a side adventure, while the main plot of Cagegirl remains intact.


Adam's personal art style can best be described as "anime-esque," deriving a lot of visual style cues from Japanese manga and anime, but without strict adherence to its conventions. As his style has progressed, he has placed more emphasis than before on exploitation of color and gradients, as well as specular highlights and dark shading, to add an almost three-dimensional appearance to 2D characters. Eyes tend to be a tad bit smaller than in anime, and noses are more pronounced. Characters' emotions are most emphatically conveyed through color manipulation, eyebrow shape/position, and mouth movements. There is an emphasis on lip shapes to distinguish characters. Heroines tend to be anti-heroic, have awkward body builds (such as excessively muscular,) and have long, flowing black hair.

This contrasts with the typical designs in most Dozerfleet art, where hair is often shorter and frequently more subdued as a means of character expression. Heroines are typically depicted with body builds that range somewhere between a Joss Whedon Waif Warrior and a Pretty Little Liars protagonist.

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