Adonias is a minor character in the fanfic webcomic Q-Basic Gorillas. He was part of Qilmara's royal guard until his death in 1996.

Character bio

Little is known about Adonias' history at this time. What is known is that he was chosen to his position in the royal guard due to his strong affinity to know when things were likely to happen - and have a keen sense of distance between poorly-charted places. He is seen advising the then-princess Qilmara on how far she and her guards have to reach the nearest Q-Base in order to be safe from the skilled warrior cannibal Brassandra. However, his being distracted while explaining results in Brassandra seizing the opportunity to shoot him dead before he can react.

Brassandra proceeds to make quick work of fellow royal guard Mutable, before pursuing the princess directly. She nearly succeeds in claiming Qilmara's head for a trophy; but is interrupted by a young Flix. Flix defeats Brassandra after a short squabble. However, defeating Brassandra only reveals that Adonias' lack of care to covering his own tracks only made it easier for the Ice Chimp scout Midikag to find and tail Qilmara. Flix is able to defeat Midikag too, flipping the ambush around.

After being coronated, the new Queen Qilmara has Adonias' body recovered so he can receive a proper burial. Flix goes on to join the Topaz Division's science department, then rises up the ranks in North America until he becomes a lieutenant colonel. At this point, Qilmara officially makes him Col. Flix. In his science lab, Flix bears tributary plaques to Adonias and Mutable.


Adonias' biggest weakness appeared to be that his need to explain things in detail can distract him. Little else is known about him.

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