The Advanced Producing and Directing Class, or TVPR 499, is a class held during both fall and spring semesters at Ferris State University. It is one of three classes, along with Seminar in Production and Instructional Design, offered as part of the "Senior Sequence" offered to near-graduating TV Production students. Simultaneously, 11 out of 12 members of TVPR 499 were enrolled in the TVPR 464 Seminar class and the TVPR 466 Instructional Design class.

Relevance to Dozerfleet

The Dozerfleet founder himself joined TVPR 499 in January of 2010. As a result, many new articles and content on the Dozerfleet Database is designed to document projects relevant to that class and how it relates to the founder and to Dozerfleet as a whole. Said new content also serves as an aid to classmates of the founder's, as they seek to look up content from class without having to review actual videos just to find information.

Crew positions

The class' attention is divided primarily into devising content for two shows: Ferris in Focus and Ferris State Live. There is a Studio Crew designation for FSL and a "Magazine" Crew one that handles FiF content. The Studio Crew consists of ever-rotating positions filled by students; while the FiF crew is divided into sub-crews that each come up with content for FiF and its numerous segments.

Programs produced

Ferris in Focus

Main article: Ferris in Focus

Ferris in Focus is a local show on Bulldog Television, approximately 30 minutes in length each episode. Being a variety mini-documentary show, there are numerous small segments that make up FiF.

Ferris State Live

Main article: Ferris State Live

Ferris State Live is also a news and talk show, composed of 27 minutes of material concerning mostly sports programs on campus. The first segment details a special guest on campus, and a relevant issue to campus they would like to talk about. The second segment features different guests, and is similar to the first. Occasionally something that is not related to sports but which is nevertheless noteworthy and relevant is featured in the third segment. The show's three segments are padded with 30-second commercials forming its borders.


  • Weekly Discussion Question: Each student is assigned to weekly find a question from their books, and to answer that question via their own research on the topic. Replies were expected to be typed, and be a paragraph or two in length.
  • Professional Producer Review Paper: Also, a producer mentioned in the class' book was expected to be discussed in a report by each student in a 2-page paper.
  • Peer Evaluations: Students' assessments of each other's previous week's performances in-studio was expected.

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