Alexsandar Demitrijevic (a.k.a. DJAlexXx and Aleexdee) is a freelance photographer, stock photographer, DJ, and digital / logo art designer from Serbia, who also does work on the side for a security firm: VWG Inženjering D.O.O.

Personal life

Alexsandar enjoys sports. Tennis player Novak Djokovic, NBA star Vlade Divac, taekwondo athlete Milica Mandic, and soccer star Dragan Stojkovic are among his favorites. He also finds the politics in Serbia amusing, if not "downright crazy."

His interest in photography began in early childhood, continuing to the present. He is very proud of his Nikon D3100 and D7100.


"Most of success in life is achieved, when you are not giving up!"[1]


Aleks has worked at VWG Inženjering D.O.O. since 2013. He previously worked for Targo Telekom from 2012-2013, and for Meter and Control in 2012 before that.[2]

Dozerfleet involvement

On July 8th of 2016, Aleks' "Male 03 *Stock*" was modified into a Barry Navoz mugshot, making Aleks the first time a photographed model had ever depicted the character of Ion Boy. He remains the facial template for the character, given his strong resemblance in that shot to Barry's appearances in Sims games.

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