Anda Hirano / Tekishutsu (摘出) / Zhāichú (摘除) / Extirwraith is...

Character bio

An Emotion Battery Marlquaanite from Japan. Born in 1998, she was 14 when the Great Marlquaan Storm swept the globe. A friend of hers, Tamako, was an Animalic with squid form that could disable entire city power grids, as well as spew fire. Tamako was captured by the Hebbleskin Gang with the help of Hatori Imokara, who was working back then on helping the Icy Finger and Hebbleskins develop grounds for an alliance. Hatori intended to weaponize Tamako against China, as some of his pimps in Shanghai were taken down by the Chinese MSS.

A young Black Rat was assigned to get to the bottom of things, as Shing was specially selected to get his own team.They Call Him...Black Rat Being a lonely girl with sociopathic tendencies and indifferent parents, Anda felt that Tamako would be her only friend in the world. She is a huge fan of Eric Opendi, and strived to become the female version of him for Japan.

She assisted Shing during his mission to rescue Tamako, but was at one point forced to fake her own death. At her young age, she still attempted to flirt with Shing, yet he did not accept her advances. Shing was forced to put Tamako down, however.

Practicing her craft on prisoners and corrupt wardens, Anda traveled the globe and declared war on bullies everywhere. She also decided that she would start hunting down members of the Icy Finger wherever she found them - particularly if they had ties to Hatori. Her ultimate goal was to find and kill Hatori himself, and make him pay for endangering Tamako. She gradually makes her way to Arkonia, and begins observing the Swappernetters battle the Chrome Kite from a distance. She reveals herself after Bliksemhek takes all of Little Rock hostage in an effort to lure Tabitha into a trap, and proves critical toward taking Bliksemhek down.

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