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The following is an example entry, entered some time shortly after the 2012 Marlquaan Storm. This entry is for the Missouri-residing Italian exchange student Angelo Abrami, who had a 16-year-old girlfriend at the time and used his newfound abilities to protect her and her family after she was raped by someone else at their school.

That someone else just so happened to have connections to the legislature of Missouri, and retaliated against the girl and her mother for going to the media with one form of harassment after another. When the girls' lives are endangered by would-be assassins, Angelo became "Cocklebur" and helped secure an escape from Missouri for the girl and her family. He made a lot of enemies for himself in the process, and was eventually deported back to Italy. His story, and that of his girlfriend, is inspired by the story of real-life Daisy Coleman, with some details changed for narrative purposes.

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