Anna Ramona Mirafuentes (neé De la Peña) is a minor character in the Q-Basic Gorillas fanfic webcomic by Dozerfleet Comics. She is the widow of Lyle Mirafuentes, the mother of Stacey Mirafuentes, and eventual mother-in-law of Rob Calisome.

Character bio

Anna met and married Lyle Mirafuentes while the two of them were living in the Indianapolis area. They later had their daughter together, Stacey Mirafuentes, before moving to the Lansing area. She would become very active in her church upon moving there, and encouraged her daughter to spend time with a young Rob Calisome. As the two kids grew more fond of each other over time, Anna longed to see them get married one day.

When her husband died of prostate cancer, Anna received a large amount of life insurance money. She continued to find ways to keep herself busy, so as to take her mind off of grieving her losses. Her focus in time shifted from remembering Lyle to seeing to it that Rob and Stacey got together properly. Little did she know that Stacey's boss, Fred Regale, had a crush on her.

She gets turned into a cat shortly before the Battle of Lansing, but is changed back after Stacey destroys the Omni Transmogrin, most sacred object of the Qilantan Gorillas. She attends Rob and Stacey's wedding after that; whilst the Gorillas promise Stacey that they will make sure she always has someone to look after her. Little is seen or known of her whereabouts after this, though she is reunited with her daughter and son-in-law when the Ice Chimps invade DC, resulting in the Gorillas having to make a last stand.


A generally kind and frail woman, Anna is all-the-same frequently motivated to be active in her everyday life. She does seem to be more harsh than Lyle when dealing with Stacey growing up; but not by much. She is very thrilled to have Rob for a son-in-law.


Anna was never meant in the initial drafts to be much more than a character in Stacey's life that could be turned into a cat by the Ice Chimps, thus prompting Stacey to take action in helping the Gorillas in their quest to save Lansing from Lord Quirini's Ice Chimps. But as Stacey's background development improved, so did Anna's. Even so, she remains a minor character about which little is known.

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