The following is about the song by Every Ape and His Brother. For the Korean-American pop duo Min Young Lee and Crystal Chae, see As One (band).

"As One" is a song by Every Ape and His Brother, released as the eighth track total on The Chicken of the Opera. Instead of a parody in which everyone dies, per the usual fare, this is a love song that adapts a tune from the Philippines for a US audience. It is the second such song to do so; the other being titled "That One," and set to be the first track off of Poss Window. It is set to the tune of "Wag Mo Na Sana" by Parokya Ni Edgar, off their album Gulong itlong gulong (translation: Wheely Egg Wheels.)


This song was written on July 26th 2011, as the Dozerfleet founder was trying to woo Filipina love interest Wilgrace Bation Rodolfo. While she liked the song, she had other things on her mind at the time. This was due to the fact that the two decided to resolve their personal and family issues first, as well as their financial issues. The founder and his quasi-companion would sometimes share music back and forth directly; but would just as often communicate with one another via her sister. Since the sister was online more often and eager to share, she made an ideal go-between for both parties.

At some point, the Dozerfleet founder was made aware of a band the girls liked named Parokya ni Edgar (translation: Edgar's Parish.) Parokya's song "Wag Mo Na Sana" (translation: "If Only You Knew (About My Love)") featured on one of the girls' Facebook walls. The tune on YouTube sounded like something between a 1990's country music song and a 1980's love rock ballad.

The Dozerfleet founder was so impressed by the tune, that he decided to make an English-language version that would be more readily accessible to American audiences. A good translation of both song and theme was hard to find; so the original theme was abandoned entirely, in favor of a cheesy love song set to the same tune. "As One" was uploaded to YouTube on July 28th that same year, as a video which sampled the song against a sound effect of a crowd cheering, simulating a live performance.



According to a Filipino commenting on a question at Yahoo Answers[1], the original song's most accurate translation is about a man frustrated that his repeated attempts to woo one particular girl appear to be utterly ineffectual. He accuses her of "just not getting it." He finally makes his intentions explicit, in the hopes that she will make a decision and not leave him up in the air.


This version features a boy and girl who lack self-confidence, both of whom "feel lost." The boy sings about how meeting the girl has improved his sense of self-confidence; and given him the courage to face his difficult life situation. He promises to be there for the girl as she faces her own problems; with the presumption that she's as committed to being there in spirit for him as he faces his.


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *
As One

[Instrumental Intro]

First verse

As I made my way through this life, / I felt lost; /
Wanted to take the edge off / come whatever the cost! /

That's about the time / when / I met you; /
And I started to feel / something new, / racing through! /

You put a trace / of hope / inside this heart; /
That once only knew bitterness / and was falling apart! /

But as long as you're here / by my side; /
I can take on life's mean / raging tide! /

I'll confide! /

First chorus

As long as it takes my love; / we will overcome! /

Though tribulations abound; / we won't be undone! /

When Fear's knocking at the door; / we will make him turn and run! /

When we are, / two souls that operate as one! /

(Darling...) /

Second verse

I knew when you first walked onto the floor; /
That you were the one / that I always / should have waited for! /

Such that even a mute man would sing; / of the jubilee your loving brings— / -and the zing! /


Second chorus

As long as it takes, my love; / we will overcome! /
Though tribulations abound; / we won't be undone! /

When Fear's knocking at the door; / we will make him turn and run! /
When we are, / two souls that operate as one! /

And we are, / two souls that / operate / as o-/ne! /

Lyrics © 2011 Dozerfleet Records.

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