Annabella Victoria Stanyer is a professional British model and a stock model active on DeviantArt, who is also studying to go into zookeeping. She is one of the most prolific of the models whose stock has been used to portray Dozerfleet Comics characters, having been involved in dozens of other projects - both volunteer and pay. She has portrayed numerous characters in cosplays. On this site, she is the facial template for Taterbug from Sodality.

Personal life

Bella was born in 1997 and has several sisters. She became engaged in 2014 to Rhys Wharton, whom she first met in 2012.


Bella has attended St. John Fischer Catholic High School and Reaseheath College in Nantwich. The latter, she went to in pursuit of an animal management degree.


Bella first took an interest in stock model photography around 2012, and got her stock DeviantArt account up and running around 2013. In this same year, her fame blossomed rapidly. All across the UK, she began getting offers for professional work. She is also a bartender at The Lymstone Vaults in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. She lives and works otherwise in Stoke-on-Trent, where she has lived most of her life. She has also worked for HD Reptiles and Aquatics, per her interest in animal management.

Her topics of aesthetic in her modeling work typically revolve around fantasy and horror/gore productions, with an emphasis on zombies.

Dozerfleet relevance

In late 2014 and throughout 2015, a campaign was started to look for usable stock photos for portraying various Dozerfleet characters with models rather than video game characters. Bella's star resemblance to Celia Winehart earned her the designation of being Celia's facial template. This is based off her resemblance to a 2012 render of Celia for Sodality.

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