Blazarik Kripanol is a Meethlite and Hebbleskin loyalist in the Origins and Fallout second volume titled Rise of the Phaelites, part of The Gerosha Chronicles in Dozerfleet Comics.

Character bio

As Rise of the Phaelites is shelved at the moment, very little is known about Blazarik's personal history at this time. When the Enlightenment makes its way through nations on Earth, Metheel has colonized its twin planet Phaelon. However, Phaelon is no longer content to be a prison colony for Metheel. The Green Meethlites begin calling themselves "Phaelites," and begin believing they can do a better job at the unethical science their Meethlite masters engage in.

An endless war erupts, as the Phaelites refuse to be subservient any longer. They eventually get the world of Phaelon for themselves. Hebbleskin Order loyalist Blazarik at one point matches swords with the rebel known as Dephinol Wilmarik. It is around the time this struggle has been going on for 130 years, however, that both Phaelites and Meethlites begin turning their attention to Earth. From there, the Phaelites begin creating experiments, and try to recruit the Phaelite Experiments' Offspring, or "Phexos," to their cause. The Meethlites vow to do the same, and forge "Meethexos" to battle their Phexo counterparts. While the Phaelites are able to form an alliance with the US government for protection, the Meethlites prove less sympathetic. They are instead forced to turn to organized crime. The division of Meethlites that go this route end up uniting under a leader with the surname of "Hebbleskin," who will evolve them into the Hebbleskin Gang.


Blazarik was given his name so that he would sound "guttural," in keeping with the typical Meethlite naming theme. He was to sound like a dark creature, similar to the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. It was not originally known what form Blazarik or his rival Dephinol would take. However, some free items from The Sims Exchange and some unused SimPoints meant a "George Washington-esque" outfit was available.

It was decided from there that Blazarik and Dephinol would be reworked from possible primitive warriors into 18th-century soldiers. The early Phaelon-Metheel War scene was then rewritten to resemble the American Revolution on another planet, with Dephinol placed in a role not unlike that of Mel Gibson's in The Patriot, with Blazarik playing a Tavington-like role.

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