"Cadmium" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante. It is a parody of Evanescence's song "Lithium".


"Cadmium" was written as a response to the fact that when the Dozerfleet founder first heard the Evanescence song, the drug of lithium didn't first come to mind; but rather, lithium-ion batteries did.

As a joke, therefore, a similar song was made here about nickel-cadmium batteries, and how the urge to have them helps a man overcome his stinginess. The addition of the moral conflict of the man over whether or not to spend his money - and on what - is meant to poke fun at the struggle in the Evanescence song on whether to insist on being depressed all the time or to embrace happiness.

Instead of the girl contemplating whether she should embrace happiness or continually stay depressed, the man is contemplating whether or not his unwillingness to spend money even on the things that matter has robbed him of the chance to know love, far more serious than the fact that he has robbed himself of a good time by refusing to replace worn-out batteries for his remote-controlled car collection.

The genre aim of this specific song is "Gothic Country," an experiment that mocks the Gothic metal scene by combining two genres that normally don't belong together.


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First Chorus

Cadmium! /
I've got batteries made of nickel-cadmium! /
Got 'em all / in the charger for cadmium! /

Can't figure out / why they won't / hold their / charge in! /
Wait- / they're ol-ol-old! /
About time they're disposed! /

Verse One

I recall the RC cars they powered! /
Drove those things around till they tore up the road! /

Now they lie on a shelf down below! /
Just used their batteries one time too many! /

Now they don't work any; /
Used to be uncanny! /

Second Chorus

Cadmium! /
So much can be / made of the things' /
Cadmium! /

Don't wanna have to / spend cash to buy; /
Cadmium! /

Just one more thing / to give my wallet holes! /

Oh...../ oh / noooooo!!!! /

Verse Two

Don't wanna spend the / bucks / no more / this time! /
That would seem a crime! /

Did not / buy my love / flowers either! /
My money / just wants me to let go! /
Can't let go! /

Then again, / that might be it / after all! /
Life with / just Benjamins / is life lived alone! /

And in the end / perhaps it ain't that bad! /
Always get it back / with my next paycheck! /

Nuff with this misery! /
I'm not that miserly!!! /

Third Chorus

Cadmium! /
Time to end this / Scrooge complex with; /
Cadmium! /
Feed my tightwad / side to the eels! /
Cadmium! /

Now to drive my / RCs to the moon! /

Oh-oooh yeah! /
And now away we go! /

Lyrics © 2007 Dozerfleet Records.

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