The following is a list of LNE comparisons and contrasts between Classic Gerosha Candi Levens from Ciem and Candi Jane from Starline Hodge's webcomic series Candi, lest anyone should get the two protagonists confused. Also included is a comparison and contrast listing for the two different creators.

The Dozerfleet founder and Starline Hodge

Both creators were born in Florida in 1983[1], and came up with their respective protagonists around 2004-2005. [2] While neither inspired the other, the two did discover one another's work in 2007. This has been documented as "The Leibniz-Newton Effect." [3]

However, one was born in Miami, [4] in January while the other was born in Ft. Meyers in March. Starline has remained in Florida her entire life; while the Dozerfleet founder has lived in several states. Starline is right-handed, the other left-handed. While both write about college-age protagonists, Starline tends to keep her work limited to (mostly) probable situations. The scenarios in Ciem are more frequently fantastical than most of Starline's work would allow for.

Levens vs. Jane


  • V = Traits are similar.
  • X = Traits are in contrast to one another.
Parameter Candi Levens Candi Jane
Age (beginning) V 19 V 18[5]
Love interests Denny Levens:
  • V Brown-haired
  • V Medical degree
  • X Self-sacrificing
  • X Candi's third boyfriend and first husband
  • V Brown-haired
  • X Selfish
  • V Pursuing a pre-med degree.
  • X Candi's first boyfriend[6]
End of relationship X Candi ←→ Denny
  • X Relationship ends when he is murdered by Musaran.
X Candi ←→ Alex
  • X Relationship ends in betrayal.
Body shape V 5'5" and skinny V Around 5'6" and skinny
College friends V Laurie V Laura[7]
Hair color V Firetruck red (dyed) V Pink (supposedly natural)
Pyromaniac encounters V Nearly burned to death by Don the Psycho
  • Who's trying to prevent the Hebbleskin Gang from meeting its demise via prophecy.
V Threatened with fire by a random psycho
  • Being influenced by the Squirrel Mafia[8]
Maternity attitude V Initially apprehension
  • X Then all-out desire
    • X Gets pregnant the eve of her wedding
V Blatant aversion
  • X And no change in attitude
    • X Turns out to be lactose intolerant instead.[9]
Time period X 2019 - 2025 X 2006
School X Viron University (amalgamation of Ferris State University and University of Southern Indiana) X University of Florida[10]
Money X Closet millionaire X Often short on cash, mooches soda from others.[citation desired]
Reason for needing work X To cover for vigilante activities X To pay bills (stalls on getting one)
Religion X Non-denominational Christian (leaning towards liturgical denominations) X Non-practicing Jewish
Adversaries X Has a rogues gallery
  • Stalked by the Meethlites, an alien race with graphite-like skin that believes she is the chosen one sent to destroy them.
X With friends like hers, who needs enemies?
  • Stalked by evil squirrels.[11]
Attitudes on alcohol XHates bars and drinks only on rare occasions.
  • Lives by an unofficial sobriety vow.
    • Ironically, does end up getting a temporary job at a bar.
    • But she gets one at an upscale bar, not a college bar.
X Has been drunk before.[citation desired]
Awareness of responsibilities X Agonizes constantly over her sense of duty and responsibility in life X Cares little about duty, save for her schoolwork.
Why the love is gone X Loses her husband and daughter to a homicidal maniac in a shrew suit and to a suicide bomber*, respectively X Loses her man to ego conflicts and treacherous friends.[citation desired]
Sweet tooth X Indifferent to sweets XLoves sweets
  • Featured in a DeviantArt piece titled "Candi holds Candy."[12]
College major XForensic investigation and criminal profiling XDigital arts[13]
Bilingual capabilities V Minimal command of Spanish
  • X Justified
V Taunted for lack of command of Spanish[14]
  • X Not justified
Superheroics X Wears an orange centipede costume to fight crime X Has a flying ferret
Priorities in mate selection X Drawn to men based on their personal character and beliefs
  • Wants men who will support her
X Concerned more with male genital sizes.[citation desired]
  • Easily seduced by men who exploit her
Ethnicity XIndo-Persian Mulatto XJewish-Dutch-Caribbean.[15]
Visual style XCreated with The Sims 2 and Photoshop. XHand-drawn in a style reminiscent of American-Japanese "Fusion."[16]
Family X Has a large family with a deep history X Not prominent
Pets XNone X A ferret (Menjou)
Attitudes on sex X In spite lustful ambition, has morals.
  • She saves herself up until after the wedding with Denny.
  • When he dies, she remains mostly chaste with Donte for almost a whole year, before they both finally succumb to temptation.
    • Afterwords, she struggles with an addiction to sex.
XWishes Alex (or anyone) would have sex with her more often.[17]
Attitudes on birth control XDoesn't normally use contraceptives, as some of them can actually interfere with her centipede powers. XClaims in one strip to have "always been safe."[18]
Partner selection maturity XWould not have been so easily mislead into a relationship with Denny had he not put her before himself.
  • It was misleading because she'd already pledged her heart to Donte, but settled for Denny after being misinformed that Donte was dead.
XCandi Jane would have fallen for Alex even if he were an ax murderer.
The Sims 2 XHas been associated with (and created with) The Sims 2 since her very beginning. Has recently been interpreted in The Sims 3 and HeroMachine. X Has never been associated with that game (canonically)


  1. * Classic Gerosha only
  2. Starline has stated having no intention of her Candi and Jon ever hooking up. Therefore, the comparison and contrasts between Jon and Donte have been dropped.


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