Below is all the criminal record and psychological profile data that SCALLOP has ever had on Candi McArthur, the original Ciem, as of SCALLOP being decommissioned in 2060.

Recorded entries

Candi's juvie bio - State of Indiana

Candi's juvie bio - State of Indiana
  • Ethnicity: Indo-Persian Mulatto
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Hometown: Gerosha
  • Alias: Ciem
  • Conviction: Kirby Act violation (2 counts), curfew violation
  • Other allegations (acquitted): Arson
  • Behavior issues: Sexual addiction, codependency, depression
  • GAH status: Phexo – Centhuen Prototype
  • Sentence length: December 2015 – January 2018
  • Gang affiliation: Last Legs (operate more like a guild or union than a proper gang, leader)

Candi was caught by Gerosha Police out during a state of emergency curfew in the parking lot of Posey’s Market, rummaging through her backpack in search of a Zeran wardrobe so that she could put on her Ciem suit and assist in suppressing Lava Tigre and the Pyro Panthers.

Police mistook her for a member of the Pyro Panthers, given her age and appearance matching their demographic. They were not supposed to know about Zeran tech, and Candi wasn’t using official SCALLOP-approved devices, but improvised devices of the same technology invented by her Japanese godfather, an aspiring immigrant who was in Japan at the time to renew his visa while awaiting a chance to get his green card.

Candi panicked and confessed her situation to police. This violated the Kirby Act, in addition to her being de-facto illegal for her DNA per the Kirby Act.

She was initially arrested on allegations of arson, in spite the only evidence being her fleeing from a neighborhood where several houses were set ablaze. The Gerosha police station had been compromised, so she was being transferred out of town to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department, outside the state-of-emergency zone that had compromised Warrick County.

As she was being transferred, her squad car was attacked by the Hebbleskin-affiliated terrorist “Drop-In.” She broke out of her handcuffs and fled the car into the woods while the police battled Drop-In for survival, but changed into a Ciem costume and attacked the menace. Damaging his equipment, she convinced him to retreat. She then fled back into the woods, changed into civilian clothing, and immediately surrendered herself to the same police.

When asked at the station why she was at her boyfriend’s house, rather than at home, she confessed that it was because their relationship had turned sexual. This was forbidden under her house rules, but she let her emotions get the best of her. She admitted to other behaviors to suggest psychological and physical health issues leading to sexual dysfunction.

She was initially sent to Madison as a temp-adjudication under the state of panic while the Hebbleskin Gang put an energy dome around Gerosha to reclaim it, after their defeat in 1990. Candi and other inmate Amirah Rose became rivals, though superintendent Bruce Almin intervened to convince the girls to put their differences aside. He also sought to convince Amirah’s gang to leave Candi alone.

Candi and Amriah later exposed corrections officer Lonny Factor as Drop-In, revealing that he’d been using Hebbleskin technology to torture Amirah behind the backs of the rest of staff – all while trying to make Amirah sound crazy for complaining.

Amirah was ruled too dangerous and unstable for Madison, and was transferred out to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center at Candi’s suggestion. Candi was released following acquittal on arson charges in her case; but was due back in court later on the Kirby Act violations in November.

Candi immediately found a way back inside Gerosha past the dome, and met up with her sister Miriam to take back Gerosha. The girls succeeded with a little help from Chris Kennal, a wanted serial killer calling himself the “Purge-Flare” and wearing equipment that let him imitate some of Extirpon’s behavior. While the Purge-Flare defeated Lava Tigre, Ciem subdued Frank Morvel of the Gleeful-N’-Young cartel belonging to Hebbleskin crony Clyde Spendelworth. This resulted in several abducted youth being spared from interstate human trafficking.

Candi was sent back to court on the Kirby Act violations, where SCALLOP director Darius Philippine suggested the maximum penalty. He also had SCALLOP agents share testimony of how local police were careless with Candi’s report on the Zeran wardrobe affair, leading to the Hebbleskins learning the extent to which others had possession of the tech, and murdering a SCALLOP agent over it.

Darius also threatened to pursue charges on Erin for negligence and Imaki for unauthorized Zeran wardrobe production, which would be arbitrary since no law other than the Kirby Act even implied that there was a protected patent or monopoly on their existence or production.

Feeling embarrassed that the incompetence of others in protecting information about her situation led to an innocent woman’s death, and also wishing to protect her family from Darius’ harassment, Candi took the bait and accepted a plea deal to return to Madison and serve until SCALLOP approved of her completion of the Promise High School program. She would retake it as many times as necessary, until SCALLOP agreed she had completed it.

Candi was allowed out briefly to attend school at Gerosha High a few more times, but was eventually made a regular at Promise High School, and then not allowed to leave the campus except in an emergency that required her to resume being Ciem.

She was almost furthermore sentenced as an adult for helping the Purge-Flare evade authorities once order was restored to Gerosha. However, her sister Miriam turned herself in to Gerosha police and confessed to having been the one that had actually aided the Purge-Flare.

For this, Miriam was sentenced initially to jail time at Warrick County as an adult; but was later transferred for Kirby Act violations to the SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center outside of Houston. She would remain imprisoned there for two years, far away from her family in Gerosha. Candi would be held at Madison until both SCALLOP and Madison had agreed that she was ready for release.

Multiversal statistics

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A version of Candi has been arrested between Prime and Cataclysmic Geroshas upwards of around 20 times, give or take.

  • The first instance was in Gerosha Prime, following Denny Levens being captured by L1 the Llama. She was not dressed in the best of outfits, and went into labor in an alleyway. The child lived only a few minutes. Covered in blood and utterly miserable, Candi began wandering around downtown in a gaze. An officer mistook her for a prostitute, and also was disturbed by her being covered in blood. Candi spent a night in jail, and was cleaned up. Her godfather Imaki Izuki bailed her out and helped her get her life in order.
  • Despair Candi gets herself captured to improve her and Donte's chances of stopping Arfaas' doomsday ship. Since Ciem 2 was never written for that variation of the narrative, it remains unknown if she ever would have been in trouble with the law or not.
  • Classic Candi gets herself arrested by Merle Hourvitz's henchmen after they take over the Dirbine Police, to improve her chances of learning the details of Duke Arfaas' plans and how to free Donte from Hebbleskin imprisonment. She does this by hacking into the Hebbleskins' network via a library computer, knowing full well that she had no security proxy to protect her location from being discovered. She laments not being as good at it as Miriam, but uses her novice status to her advantage. Her friend Laurie Pegol is not at all amused with Candi's plan to get captured, as it nearly gets Laurie arrested as well. She later winds up doing 2 weeks in jail for her role in breaking Miriam out. She's captured again in Ciem 3, but it turns out to have been a stunt being pulled by Lloyd Kolumn to have the Hebbleskins take her to California.
  • Comprehensive Candi is mistaken for Miriam in a time of confusion during the beginning events in Ciem: Vigilante Centipede. She later pulls a similar stunt to her Classic counterpart in order to free Donte. Nuclear Crisis and Condemnation see her in a repeat of the plots of 2 and 3.

Cataclysmic Candi has been captured several times by SCALLOP, twice by Affadidah's goons, twice by Hebbleskins, and a few times by the Houston and Waco police. She is eventually made to serve a sort of "parole," to be "called in" at any time for any reason whether she does anything wrong or not. She remains in this condition for 5 years, before being granted (quasi)-freedom from the system. During the five years, she is expected to give a list of "usual paths" she'll take in a day when not confined to her home. Any deviation could lead to a phone call at SCALLOP staff discretion. An inadequate explanation could lead to being called in. When called in, she is supposed to drive to Houston and meet up with a SCALLOP agent.

Before the Icy Finger raids the SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center, she is to be escorted to SCALLOP jail for two days following each parole violation. But in 2026, after the Juvenile Center was raided by the Icy Finger, the state of Texas shut down all SCALLOP jails operating within state borders, requiring SCALLOP to outsource its programs to various city jails. Therefore, each violation of normal routine, as determined by SCALLOP staff, leads to Candi being arrested by the police in her home town. However, her stays are usually two-day stays as under SCALLOP jurisdiction. Fines are not usually charged, however. Candi attempts to cooperate with every call-in she gets, minimizing further public arrests. She does, however, get interned for a month due to the Kirby Act. But most of the other Sodality members get interned right along with her. Fortunately for her, she and Pam are among the first to be released home. However, she still has to wait before her tether can be removed. Her original 5-year sentence was to last from 2021-2026. But before she could be declared truly free, she had to return to jail over the Kirby Act. She wasn't set free truly until she'd had the ankle monitor for an additional five years. The day after it was removed, she went into labor and gave birth to John and Dana.

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