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Character bio

Cassidy was born in August of 2012 in Little Rock, Arkansas, just a short time before the Great Marlquaan Storm occurred.

  • Joined the Swappernetter movement in 2025.
  • Befriended Francine and Tobias before Tobias met Sarah
  • Studied under Trista Clarion, anticipating the Chrome Kite takeover.
  • Helped build the catacombs beneath Trista's house, leading to the subway tunnels.
  • Brought to faith by Beauregard.
  • Joined Pete Hassler's unit, but continued to do odd jobs for Trista while waiting for Tabby and Sarah to get out of prison.
  • Hacker
  • After the Beliah Purge took down the Sodality, established connections with Hea Pang and Shaniqua Tamery during Hea's arrest.
  • Befriended Jordan Sterlie while Tabitha was in prison, and vowed to get Tabitha back to him safely.
  • Tobias' spying reveals Arbini's plot to have Tabitha and Sarah secretly executed. Atroce sneaks across border into Texas and alerts Shaniqua, resulting in Shaniqua agreeing to go rogue.
  • After Shaniqua rescues Tabby and Sarah, Atroce leaves Tobias and Trista to be full time with Hassler - but informs Tobias where to find the two girls.
  • Runs into the newly-formed Twirlflame Trio and introduces them to Beauregard - who furthermore introduces Tabby to Trista.
  • Joins the Trio on a mission to intercept a shipment of circuitry needed to build MPF generators in Monticello, but the Hgs and Stagtars kill Atroce and a few other Swappernetters. This prompts the Trio to visit Hea - who tells them to visit Marge.


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  • Parody of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst characters Celeste and Plastic.


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