The following is a list of female characters from any Dozerfleet Comics continuity that have lost their heads. Usually, this comes from either the Yehtzig Pirate League or Hebbleskin Gang capturing them, and following a policy of Decolarent eam, eviscerate eum.

To qualify:

  1. The girl need only have lost her head once, in at least one version of the story.
  2. She also needs to be decapitated in one continuity to count.
    • It does not matter if there are continuities in which she isn't beheaded; so long as there is at least one in which she is.
  3. The blade must at some point go completely through her neck.
    • If she is put on a chopping block, slid into place on a guillotine, or threatened with a sword, but the blade never actually goes through her neck, then she doesn't qualify.
    • Outside of the effects of Remotach, no other phase shifting is allowed. Her head must be physically separated from her body. She must feel the blade cutting through her.
      • Even if under the effects of Remotach, so she doesn't bleed to death, she must experience some blood loss.
  4. The individual responsible for her beheading must intend that to be the cause of her death. Post-mortem decapitations do not count.

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