The following is a list of Dozerfleet heroes that have ever, for any reason at all (including political or miscarriage-of-justice-related reasons) been forced to serve time in a jail, prison, or similar institution. This includes characters that are licensed to Dozerfleet, but not original Dozerfleet creations.

These need not include formal sentences or prison terms, but require that a legitimate body be detaining the individual at some point. (So abduction by villainous entities and corrupt regimes doesn't count.) Forced hospitalization in a mental facility may also count. Character need only be detained in this way for up to a minute of in-story time by a legitimate body for it to count.

Also, characters have to have been or acquired a heroic alignment at some point in their canon to qualify as a "hero" under this category, even if they began as villains or neutrals.

Characters needing articles

  1. Wes Sanky
  2. Valerie McMaline
  3. Bookie Rodriguez
  4. Reggie Warren

Characters with articles

Specifics of these characters should be documented in their articles. Or their SDCPM files, if applicable.

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