The following is a list of characters considered to be "Gerosha Legends" as defined in the Gerosha Legends super-pack of volumes of The Gerosha Chronicles. These characters, to qualify, must also be members of the Sodality of Gerosha.

However, they cannot be part of the Sodality Founding Elite. With the exception of Mukade, the majority of other characters who do not have superhero careers spanning outside the scope of the series Sodality, or else are featured almost exclusively in previous narratives' iterations of the Ciem trilogy, are considered to be Sodality Founding Elite. Legends, therefore, are those characters who have had pre-existing superhero careers on their own spanning outside of any Ciem-related narrative.

Gerosha Legends are also deemed to be the superheroes themselves, and possibly their sidekicks if powered. Non-official sidekicks and other allies are generally not considered to be Legends. However, they have their own place within the Sodality.

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