Chris Neumann (a.k.a., Neumatic) is a sketch and concept artist, and a creative bounce reference.

Personal life

In addition to developing scripts and doing concept and sketch art, Chris also enjoys watching classic films for inspiration. Two of his favorites are Citizen Kane and Finding Nemo.[1]

Dozerfleet relevance

As research was being done for Sodality: Vindication back in 2015, an old picture of Chris' was discovered of "Prisoner Keely." A humorous caption was written in jest, and it inspired Chris to resume work on the associated storyline.

Chris' own major project

He has since bounced ideas back and forth, both to assist with Camelorum Adventures and to get ideas for his own series in the making: Geothermal: Ace Infiltrators (working title only.) The latter would be about the adventures of a trio of undercover agents and adventurers helping a certain Geothermal Corp. that had gone into the private prison industry solve problems with some of its facilities - as they uncover a conspiracy affecting the whole network but especially a ship called The Iron Star.

For the time being Chris has elected not to let the series join the brand, preventing it from receiving a proper article project page here and also keeping the episode list a secret "until it's truly workable."

The initial concept proposed by the Dozerfleet founder for the Bobby character was to depict him as caring, but incompetent - in a way that would be consistent with Camelorum humor. As discussions went on and Chris' series pitch moved in a (slightly) more serious direction with space settings, Bobby became flanderized into a bit of a jerk - who messes up assignments seemingly on purpose. Keeley went from just a plant in the prison playing a role, with little other personality, to being the heart of the series. She winds up being the only truly competent member of her team. She also makes new friends - including an android named Paige and a plant monster named Eden. She is conflicted between helping her original team with their mission and ensuring the safety of her new friends, whom she becomes very attached to.

Chris' advice on Camelorum Adventures

  • Keep the tone as light as can be. Some of these girls are in way longer than they should be, and that can create some dissonance with the viewer if insufficient justifications are provided.
  • Lemon Witch in particular got an unfair treatment. What she did was an accident, and she even turned herself in. Normally, that should earn her a reduction.

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