Ciem: Caldera is the third and final entry of the Cataclysmic Gerosha Ciem novel trilogy. It is issue #7 of the 9-issue Legacy volume, following Blood Over Water, A Bur in Missouri, Ciem: Inferno, Anarteq: Guardian of the Soo, Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance, and Ciem: Ash Cloud. It is followed in volume by Phaemer Village Peacekeepers and Path of the Ming-Cho. In-universe, its events happen around the same time as Navyrope, and a few months after the events in Pilltar 2.


The Hebbleskin Gang strikes back; and forces the still-incarcerated Candi "Ciem" Flippo to have to risk her life well outside her native geographical region if she wishes to save superiors, loved ones, family, associates, and also prevent new enemies from causing a natural disaster capable of global consequences.


Note: Exact plot details are still being worked out. More information will be added later.

As the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility prepares to transfer operations due to a state-sponsored downsizing program and Candi readies herself to be sent to live with Cynthia Trenson until the ban on Erin and Imaki Izuki is lifted; the Triumvirate goes ahead and thrusts the world into chaos once more. The Exodus Agenda attempts to respond to this chaos however it can, but a new nemesis named Quoll attacks Madison and challenges Ciem to save Gerosha before he destroys it - vowing to return and kill everyone in MJCF if she fails! Furloughed again, Candi accepts the challenge while trying out her new Forfica Mk. II suit. It proves useful against the new menace; but time to celebrate isn't long: it was all a ruse by the Hebbleskins to capture Leopaw and the other Madison inmates and staff while Candi was out-of-town!

Candi leaves briefly says goodbye to her old and new family, and leaves behind her tattered Forfica Mk. II suit with Imaki so he can make more copies of it. She takes the experimental Carbonica series jacket with her and Randy Lapborn on a trip to Colorado to rescue everyone. The mountains prove a very different playing field from any Candi is familiar with, and she'll need her wits to survive when her SCALLOP aids get injured. But just when she thought rescuing her friends was all that mattered...Kropimak Duzerit joins the fight having re-acquired the necklace of Eric Korsicht!

With resources running low and time running out, Candi must achieve one final request: prevent the detonation of Yellowstone's supervolcano at all costs!



  • Candi Flippo / Ciem

Supporting characters

  • Madison staff
    • Bruce Almin (final appearance)
    • Stacey Walleye (final appearance)
    • Brooke Nookery (final appearance)
    • Colin Gourd (final appearance)
    • Sam Sinatra (final appearance)
    • Matt Carey (final appearance)
    • Jack Silver (final appearance)
    • Starr Teeli (final appearance)
    • Lana Olanski (final appearance)
    • Trent Ovenier (only appearance, killed by Quoll)
    • Reese Bautista (final appearance)
    • Jake Maroon (final appearance)
    • Bill Hompetek (final appearance)
    • Terry McCoy (final appearance)
    • Laney Changier (final appearance)
    • Tom Index (final appearance)
  • Promise Jr. / High School faculty
    • Rick Evans (final appearance)
    • Lionel Monsoon (final appearance)
    • Mike Eagleton (final appearance)
    • Betty Petty (final appearance)
    • George Brenna (final appearance)
    • Christine Speasely (final appearance)
    • Lester Vergt (final appearance)
    • Miranda Vergt (final appearance)
    • Marie Silverforge (final appearance)

Madison inmates

Madison Inmates by Affiliation and Unit Number
Last Legs (?) Name Unit
Yes Nancy Hizrah 4
Yes Tanya Woven (only appearance) 5
Yes Toni Joinz (only appearance) 4
Yes Patty Trean (final appearance) 4
Yes Samirah Fantine (final appearance) 5
Yes Bri Notabakkon (Unit 5) (final appearance) 5
Yes Coral Marmo (only appearance) 4
Yes Pearl E. White / Leopaw (final appearance) 5
Yes Angie O. Plastie (final appearance) 5
No Nida Hallot (only appearance) 4
No Machi Kuloor (final appearance) 4
No Olive O’Yiel (only appearance) 4
No Breanda Georgia (final appearance) 4
No Hannah Stoutquin (final appearance) 4
No Melissa Ojala (final appearance) 5
No Ura Reewaner (final appearance) 5
No Rhoda Tzotski (only appearance) 5
No Stacy Bombhina (final appearance) 5
No Riddhi Heetal (final appearance) 5
No Anita Zarplaty (final appearance) 5


Other characters

  • Exodus Agenda (first appearance)
  • Governor Andy Halfbrush (first appearance)


Note: This is an incomplete list. More details will be added in due time.


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