Ciem here on the Dozerfleet Database usually refers to the Dozerfleet Comics character; most note-worthily the original one: Candi Flippo/Levens/McArthur. It is a shorthand, not an acronym; and refers to the Spanish term ciempiés, meaning "centipede." The term may have the following meanings:

Dozerfleet Comics



Candi Flippo/Levens/McArthur


Michelle Winston/Abrami (currently Feruga)


Dana McArthur (Ciem Tomorrow)

Gerosha Multiverse


2005's Ciem Sims 2 webcomic series

2006's Ciem Sims 2 webcomic

2007's Ciem Sims 2 webcomic

2010s Sims 3 Ciem novel trilogy

Ciem-Sims 4
Sodality Universe


Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Fanfic Universe Ciem

Portrayed by

The following have portrayed Candi (and sometimes also Miriam and Marina) in various media:


Various Sims


GTA Online avatar


Various MakeHuman renders


Denise (XoxBabii-Nisee)


Nanda Soebagio (more commonly portrayed Miriam)

Lee Loo La

Considered models

The following models were also considered, but ultimately declined or were rejected for final submission:

  • Lekha Washington
  • Amerie
  • Sameera Reddy
  • Arionna Davis
  • etc.

Related works

See also: Ciem in various media

Gerosha Prime

  • Ciem, the first Sims 2 story about Candi.
    • Ciem 2, a canceled webcomic in which Candi must put the orange costume on again and stop the Hebbleskin Gang and Lloyd Kolumn from igniting a war between the US and China.
    • Ciem 3, a canceled webcomic in which Candi must deal with her and Donte's sudden plunge into poverty, while also dealing with the scourge of Milp.

Despair Gerosha

  • Ciem, a failed attempt to reboot the Ciem franchise with improved graphics standards and a more complex origin story.

Classic Gerosha

  • Ciem, a fine-tuned, finished remake of the 2006 comic using improved hardware.
  • Ciem 2, a canceled remake of the 2005 webcomic, reworked to fit the standards laid forward by the 2007 version of Ciem 1.
  • Ciem 3, a canceled sequel for Ciem 2 that had a very different plot from the 2005 version, in which Candi is captured by Kolumn and Dolly must become the Earwig to save her - before a mind-controlled Botan the Plant-Man and malevolent Milp eradicate Dirbine.

Comprehensive Gerosha

Cataclysmic Gerosha


Other meanings

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