Rickrod (a.k.a., The Dark Wanderer, or Beelzebub) is a demon in the Stationery Voyagers and Cherinob universes. He is the right-hand demon to the Devil himself, and the meta origin of occult power for all the evil wizards in Physicalia. He is also the archnemesis of Levío the Nullifier. His overall concept is based on the depiction of Beelzebub in Pilgrim's Progress.

Character bio

War in Heaven

One of the angels to be the most heavily promoted by Dolondri, he was also the first to feel Volition Dilemma's tug toward the side of darkness. He didn't ultimately decide, however, to rebel until after his companion Luminarod did so. Like his companion, he was obsessed with power and with taking power from God. However, he also beloved in giving some of that power away to humans to aid in their destruction through deception and corruption. Hence, he created the order of the pacts of wizardry that would introduce sorcery to the early human history. He became a bestower of power to evil wizards ever since, but has had to duel with his arch-nemesis Levío throughout history.

Stationery Voyagers

This led to the creation of the Drisalian Cult, and to the First Drisalian War by extension.


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Cherinob 2

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Cherinob 3

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The character of the Dark Wanderer as a sidekick to the Devil was an idea developed while reading an illustrated abridged version of Pilgrim's Progress. In 1989, Zondervan released a children's edition of the New International Version English Bible entitled The Adventure Bible. This edition featured numerous side notes for kids to read, and one of them mentioned sorcery in the Bible. A line from the side note read something to the effect of: "most of their spells amounted to nothing."

It seemed logical that a demon would grant evil power to sorcerers, and an angel would deprive them of that power so that they did much of their practice in vain. Hence, the feud was created between Levío and the Dark Wanderer.


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