RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

The Defenders of Stick-Man Village is a short-lived comic strip series created by the Dozerfleet founder in 1993. It revolved around the fictitious city of Stick-Man Village, which was inhabited by various stick figures. Guarding the city were giant mutant monsters.



The leader of the group of Defenders was a creature with a large-but-lightweight head named Someone-or-Other. His body was that of a normal man, dressed in blue dress pants and a blue suit coat. He had alternating hair colors on the top of his head and elephant-like ears with a nose as long as an elephant trunk. He could generate snot balls at a whim to attack enemies. The number of eyes he had varied. He had a habit of confusing "above" and "below," especially when trying to read a thermometer. He was also known for having a long, curly mustache.

Big, Fat, and Ugly

This character's design was inspired by that of Earl from the video game ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. The character was first proposed by the Dozerfleet founder's brother, and later adapted as an ally of Someone-or-Other. Big Fat and Ugly (BFU for short) was an enormously obese humanoid with a blue-and-white-striped horizontal shirt similar to that worn by Smee in Disney's Peter Pan. BFU's head was often depicted as being almost microscopically small.


"It" was depicted as a mustached woman with a head similar to that of Someone-or-Other, but attached to the body of a giant earthworm. The name was a reference to the fact that earthworms are hermaphroditic. "It" was described often as being "60% woman, 40% man, somewhat human, somewhat worm."

Reserve Defenders

Who Cares

"Who Cares," or WC for short, was a sometimes-occurring backup for the three main defenders. He, like his friend "Doesn't Matter," were often depicted as punk wannabes.

Doesn't Matter

DM was the companion for WC, and the two occasionally joined SOO, BFU, and It when defending the city.

Shut-Up the Dog

The Defenders had a dog, whose name was "Shut Up." The joke was that when someone would ask for the characters' names, the reply would be:

"Someone or other; Big, Fat, and Ugly. It. Who cares? Doesn't matter! Shut up!"


Few villains were actually thought up for the strip. The only recurring one was a half-man, half-mace creature named Double-Man. The character was a rip-off of "Two-Man," a creation by the Dozerfleet founder's then-classmate Adam Schlomer.

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