In the universe of Cherinob - and of the Dozerfleet Megaverse by extension - demons follow a different classification system from most other sources. Much of this is a carry-over from the mythology of Stationery Voyagers.



The Dark Wanderer, according to HeroMachine.

Satan quickly claimed the top spot for himself in this hierarchy. Beelzebub followed suit, as did several other fallen Orchestrators. Roles below those mentioned rotate quickly. And given that demon lords are prone to lies, getting an exact reliable list of who's who in the hierarchy is difficult. Wikipedia has attempted to form such a list.

Other classes

These classes were established mostly as counters and reactionaries to the angelic classes that were formed after the War in Heaven.


Also known as the Corrupters of the Natural Order. They are the archenemies of the Defenders of the Natural Order. Sodomy is one of their favorite pastimes, and they repeatedly encourage it for humanity. They love to sow mayhem, disease, and reprobate attitudes. They frequently seek to bring harmful mutations to DNA, resulting in genetic diseases that bring suffering to an entire species.


The Disinformation Masters are counters to the Communicadrim. They are unable to play with strings and quarks like they used to. Instead, they focus on spreading lies and polluting human minds with dishonest propaganda and twisted reasoning. They are also responsible for delusions and false prophets / false teachers.


Beelzebub being chief over them, the Sourcepoints are the givers of power to sorcerers. They encourage mankind to turn to witchcraft, and to rely on occult power rather than God. Their archenemies are the Nullifiers.


Main article: Scorptisquid

These fallen Communicadrim often serve as the direct foot soldiers for other, higher-ranking demons. Their true forms are a hideous hybrid of scorpion and squid with a lobster in a humanoid bipedal stance. Their humanoid disguises usually render them as cloaked assassins.


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These beings are most commonly thought of when demons are thought of. These low-tier grunt workers in their true form are man-centipede-worm-wasp flying abominations. Yet, they assume many other forms - usually that of a mist or a vapor. They pass through matter often and freely, and are most responsible for planting intrusive thoughts in their victims. They love especially to prey on the mentally ill, using damage to the brain as a pathway to vulnerability in the soul. They are known for driving men insane, and rarely become powerful enough to full-on possess a man. They are the "unclean spirits" referenced in Matthew and Luke's gospels.

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