The Dozerfleet Database is the official project history log of Dozerfleet Productions, primarily its Dozerfleet Comics division. Until April 9th of 2016, it was known as DozerfleetWiki.


Old wikis

The original DozerfleetWiki was founded in January of 2007 as a way to safely archive online the activities of Dozerfleet. As of the end of April of 2008, DozerfleetWiki had accumulated over 200 articles on a variety of different subjects.

To fulfill more of a traditional Wikipedia-like role for Dozerfleet materials, DozerfleetWiki branched into two sites. One remained on Wikispaces, while the other half of it, dubbed "DozerfleetWiki2," was founded on May 5th of 2008. The Wikispaces version, dubbed "DozerfleetWiki 1," was discontinued on Saturday, December 13th of 2008. It was replaced with The Dozerfleet Forum, which would itself be replaced with The Dozerfleet Blog on February 17th of 2011. In April of 2011, the main DozerfleetWiki was moved to Wikia. It's Wiki-Site location remained intact for a time, however, as a backup.


In April 9th-10th of 2016, the site was renamed the "Dozerfleet Database," and was retooled to focus primarily on Dozerfleet Comics and on promoting artists that the Dozerfleet founder believed deserved to be promoted. However, information would remain on the wiki regarding the old Dozerfleet and various projects from the founder's project history. Among the many changes brought to the wiki were an increased focus on compatibility with Wikia's mobile site features, as well as opening the wiki to promote a larger number of artists.

In spite deriving the name, and seeking to implement some of the content and layout principles of other comics database wikis on Wikia's Comics Database Affiliated Network, Dozerfleet itself remains independent of that network. (Hence, why the talk bubble icon is not featured.)

The Dozerfleet Database is an imprint of Dozerfleet Literature. That being said, it integrates reference material for all the other divisions as well. It is attached to a Facebook page and to the DeviantArt profile BulldozerIvan.


Dozerfleet's database has gone through a number of design changes since its inception. Upon the move to Wiki-Site from WikiSpaces, the database tried to resemble Wikipedia's design of the time. After the retool in 2016, the front page adopted a standard of design more in keeping with that of Marvel and DC's Database front pages. Character articles also became a mixture of Wikipedia and Marvel Database formatting.

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