A Decade in Review

The following is a list of all entries from the Past Dozerfleet News entries page that are relevant to 2000's history. History goes by year first, then by month.





  • February: "Reflections" by Michael Hayes opens its doors. It would later undergo a name change to "Fortress Rock," before become Tri-Sola Writings with the sub-section Tri-Sola Poetry. Cormorant Writings would acquire the rights to publication online for all Tri-Sola poems.
    • Also, an assignment for a Photoshop and digital design class at LCC results in The Trapezoid Kids being created for the first time.
    • Grillitan Diner apparel was experimented with in that same Arts 102 class, leading to the creation of Smiley Cleaner and the Grease Depositor, with his very own theme song.
    • The Trapezoids would be used again for a "Module 4" assignment, and would give rise to "The Module 4 Data Song."






2008 (cont.)

  • June: When Bikes Argue 2 was released on YouTube alongside its predecessor. Meanwhile, storms that blew across mid-Michigan claimed the life of Dozerfleet-Grand Ledge base's across-the-street neighbor Shelly Mikko.
    • The short film 3-13 was released in a very different and shorter version than what was originally planned; and the project overall became shelved until a video version could be completed. Alongside it was a short PSA titled "Penguin on Drugs." As a short, 3-13 became an unofficial sequel to Kings in the Corner.
    • Featured article: Botan the Plant-Man
  • September: Comixpedia adopted an article about the DSHW format, courtesy of Dozerfleet donations.
    • Gored By Them Things was published to Bays 1 and 2. Bay 2 was created in this month, but would soon disappear without a trace along with Bay 1.
    • Featured article: Bay 2
  • December: DozerfleetWiki 1 and DozerfleetWiki2 merged into a united DozerfleetWiki, and service at Wikispaces goes offline permanently.
    • Ciem forum syndication uploads were completed at 2:57 AM EST on Thursday, December 11th, 2008.
    • The official website for 90 Has No Secant was completed on Friday, December 5th of 2008 at 10:20 PM EST. A video tour of the Rintel family's house was uploaded to YouTube.
    • Featured article: Boddler infection treatment


  • July: Stationery Voyagers Season One: Vocations is all mapped out, while DVD art for Ciem 2 is completed. New security standards for the wiki are implemented after 24.180 attack.
    • This month's featured quote feature added to Main Page for first time.
    • Edits resume on 90 Has No Secant, further integrating it into the Gerosha timeline.
    • Featured article: Pseudo-chroma key
    • Featured quote: "What did the Landana ever do to deserve this?"—Cruise ship control room operator, 90 Has No Secant.
  • October: Ciem 2 slimline WebCD cover finished. On September 27th, the story entered Forum Syndication. Mountain of Cabal was destined to be renamed, and would eventually be renamed Bogged before receiving its final title of Blood Over Water. It's first episode completed shooting in this month. Meanwhile, parody song "The Eel Thing" became part of The Chicken of the Opera, being also approved at AmIRight.
    • Featured article: Unlisted
    • Featured quote: "Who or What is 'Kozerlen'?"—Corvin the Caller, Kozerlen opening credits.