Dozerfleet Records is a music label and a division of Dozerfleet Productions.


Dozerfleet Records is the division of Dozerfleet that is responsible for the production, management, distribution, and promotion of all audio-related Dozerfleet needs. As such, it has considerable overlap with Dozerfleet Studios for video and Dozerfleet Comics for webcomics. It is the division that records and stores various music and sound bits that are used by Dozerfleet for everything from sound effects for shorts such as All Your Shapes Are Belong to Us to the theme music for Stationery Voyagers. It also manages the written documentation of materials for bands that it deems worthy of writing about.

Every Ape and His Brother

"Every Ape and His Brother" is the recording "pen name" for the Dozerfleet founder when writing music for song parodies. These deviate a little from the standards set for most content on Dozerfleet. The most recent compilation of Every Ape content is an album dubbed The Chicken of the Opera. Other albums include Morbid! The Horrendous Hobo!!! and Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante.

Other bands

Several bands and/or musicians, as well as a few actors and actresses whose articles were either created by Dozerfleet Productions in whole or in part on Wikipedia, or else were deleted from Wikipedia; will occasionally end up here for safekeeping. Unlisted has a featured article here; consisting of modified information about the band that was recovered from their deleted Wikipedia article.