Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante is the second album from Every Ape and His Brother, and features the second character in line at the imaginary red carpet meeting where "every ape and his brother is going to be there!"

Being a little more commercial than predecessor Morbid, Elefante continues the legacy of employing fatalistic irony to situations for comical purposes.


The album is named after "Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante," a Babar-like anthropomorphic elephant that the Dozerfleet founder used as a recurring character in high school for writing sentences for Spanish classes.

Elefante began as an intention to branch out into parodies that dwelt on more than just the death-oriented content of most of Morbid 's songs. However, the content wound up being essentially the same. The song "Cadmium" was written during a case of sucralose poisoning, resulting in a bit of a depression that complemented the eerie tune of the original song.

After "Cadmium," entries into the Elefante album were mostly entered the same day that they were thought up, added on an impulse. The final three tracks, however, are songs that didn't make it onto Morbid. It would ultimately take about two years to write the lyrics for Elefante.

Track listing

Track listing
  #  Name  Original song   Original artist
  1.  Cadmium  Lithium  Evanescence
  2.  The Bison's Apocalypse  Cupid's Chokehold  Gym Class Heroes
  3.  Serial Bomber  Before He Cheats  Carrie Underwood
  4.  Serial Bomber, Part 2  Dragostea Din Tei  O-Zone
  5.  Salem (Story of a Trial)  Absolutely (Story of a Girl)  Nine Days
  6.  Slaughterized  Paralyzer  Finger Eleven
  7.  Once I'm Gone    
  8.  Livin' It Like al-Queada  Livin' La Vida Loca  Ricky Martin
  9.  Miss A. Defendant  Miss Independent  Kelly Clarkson
 10.  Die Die Die!!!  Bye Bye Bye  N'Sync

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