Emperor Alhox Scarmento, born of a family of working-class Thick-Alcohol-Scented Markers, was originally nothing more than a mere soldier in the army of King Lubius. What little he did realize his true destiny—to seal himself and the evil Drismabon King Melchar in the Muellex together, frozen in battle till the end of time!

His plans took a detour. First, he was beaten over the head and knocked unconscious by Melchar's son, Prince Develiot. Melchar had since fled into exile, and nobody is entirely certain what became of him. Alhox suffered memory loss, thankful to be alive. Much to his horror, he'd learned that Lubius had died. The timing of things could not have been worse!

Even so, Alhox decided to carry on. He became an instant war hero, for being the one who convinced Melchar to flee the throne in Drizad. This boosted his political popularity, which led to him becoming emperor within a matter of a few short years. While he still considered investigating Lubius' death a priority, he soon began to embrace his newfound responsibilities. There was famine in parts of the politically-disjointed world he had inherited. There were diseases, and the list went on. However, the endless brutality of Astrabolo Shinktor and his terror-spreading Yehtzig Pirate League could not go ignored.

At the suggestion of his supreme general and top advisor, Bluque Rentin, Alhox reluctantly agreed to declare war on the entire Inktacto system. His rationale was that if everyone could be annexed to Markerterion's empire, then there'd be more than enough resources to keep everyone safe. However, he sympathizes with the Voyagers; who believe that unity can be achieved through diplomacy rather than assimilation. It's a dangerous affair he has gotten himself into. But until he knows which side he should be on; he hides behind his humanitarian aid projects, giving Bluque a blank check to do things his way.

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