Eric Sylvester is a villain from The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics, most prominent for his role in Of Angels and Icicles. He is a member of the Society of the Icy Finger, and an enemy of John Domeck. It is his failures in defeating John that lead to the Society creating villains in the 21st century, such as Chillingworth II and Feathertop II, to take on the Gray Champion.

Character bio

Eric Sylvester became a follower of Samuel Fortin rather quickly, as both of them believed in a future where the Marlquaan would be the answer to all of their desires for power and control. There was just one problem to their plan: a God who was even stronger than the Marlquaan. And as a result, they had to deal with a servant of that being: John Domeck. John suspected that while the Marlquaan and its bonding potential had some good potential, that most men would probably use it for evil. As such, he determined to find the Marlquaanite rubies before the Society did...and place them where they would never be able to fall into the wrong hands.

John's success with this meant that Eric had to lead a party in pursuit of John in order to recover the Handler's Ruby. With help from his wife Kicked Deer, John was able to hide from Eric for quite some time. Eric did manage to find and capture John and his family, with the help of a minion named Jordan Smithson. However, a Marlquaan storm erupted on the beach right as John and his daughter Marge were about to be executed. A time traveler from the 21st century stood in the place of John, and claimed to belong to a certain "Dereck Johnson." The traveler was immediately killed by angry survivors of the storm's blast. News traveled quickly back to England that Eric had failed to recover the rubies or kill John. Convinced that the Marlquaan had used time travel to put John beyond his reach, Samuel Fortin then ordered his men to make it one of their goals to track John Domeck throughout time and space. When and wherever John resurfaced, that was when the Society would strike.


The part of Eric Sylvester was created formally some time around early 2013, in order to give names to the Society of the Icy Finger's 17th century top figureheads. He and Samuel Fortin were created around the same time, and worked into the plot for A So-Called Heretic. Their creation served a very simple purpose: explain why the Society is hunting John Domeck, and why Chillingworth II wants to kill the Gray Champion centuries later.

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