The Downtown Farmington Area Founders' Festival Parade is an annual parade held in honor of the city of Farmington's founders. The article below documents briefly highlights from the 2010 parade.


The parade started off with the Botsford Band Aid Brigade, and was soon followed by the Farmington Hills Fire Dept. Kristen Haglund, the Grand Marshall, came next, then came the Budweiser Clydesdales. The Water Brigade Clowns showed up next, followed by Suburban Ice - Farmington Hills Chapter. Zap-Zone, which had a lot to do with the parade, even had one of their own workers show up dressed as Batman.

Busch's Food Market sponsored a lot of food for the event, and even had a traditional truck feature in the parade with Emily "Lyme" from the store in Farmington riding atop it. An Islamic group put on a huge sideshow, with clown car stunts and everything. Miss Farmingtons 2009 and 2010 were both also in the parade, along with Miss Oakland County 2010. The blazing hot sun even early on in the day was not enough to deter massive crowds from watching the entire thing unfold.


Eric and a few others from SWOCC's main staff helped get the production van and cables into place, and manage the busy crowds all the while. Kat did narration for the piece, while Steve and a few others looked over the graphics. Caren, as usual, dealt with the careful city politicking involved.

Four cameras were used to get various angles covering the event, with Frank and Lamarr getting the upclose shots of arriving groups and the Dozerfleet founder getting shots of midway groups that had already arrived. Callie, whose internship had already ended, showed up for one day to assist with shooting the event. She gathered shots of groups as they were departing and heading in the direction of Drakeshire Apartments.

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