Farmington Run For the Hills is a race that is held annually in the greater Farmington/Farmington Hills area. The 2010 race on August 21st was covered as a special event for the SWOCC Studios Special Events Show.


As footage of men in the dark silhouetted against the bright taillights of passing cars on a dirt road made clear, it wasn’t even sunrise yet when runners began showing up for the event.

One little girl got the idea as a way to support various fundraisers and charities in town. A portion of proceeds would go towards the Special Olympics of Oakland County. Food workers and registry girls flooded the scene early on, making their lime green shirts very distinct in video frames.

Jenny Fernandez, known better to non-residents of the area as Miss Farmington 2010, pitched in to make the event official by singing the national anthem. The 10K race began almost immediately afterward. The 5K race began a short time later, and took off in a manner that looked like a ramping effect in the camera. However, the camera did nothing to being a ramping effect. It was literally how the runners began gaining speed.

Heroes fans would have been amused to know that one of the beginning finishers of one of the two races looked painfully similar to Jack Coleman—horn-rimmed glasses and all.

This piece was diplomatically ended with the line: “Awards were given out; but everyone felt like a winner that day.”

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Numbers below are based on estimates of motives and estimates of city costs for the event. A lot of the money raised was from donations, so this figure may be a bit harsh. However, due to the low score, there is little chance that the event will be canceled on account of a budget crisis at city hall.

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