The following is an overview of the Flippo family and families that are offshoots from it. From Honeybee Samuel to Anna Spanz, eight generations are relevant to the narrative.

Note: Not all events are listed in complete chronological order. See Timeline of events in Comprehensive Gerosha for a more strictly-linear breakdown. See notes at Cataclysmic Gerosha and Timeline of events in Cataclysmic Gerosha for points of continuity which no longer apply.

Notes on Honeybee Samuel

Honeybee Samuel is also a crossover character. His membership in the Cult of Meshaluta and also his being a Marlquaanite result in him becoming one of Meshaluta's minions after his untimely death.

His spirit, through both the Marlquaan and Meshaluta's evil power, terrorizes the Mt. Applestream cabin where he encounters Jared Rintel and Trisha Montoya. Therefore, he is relevant to both the Ciem Trilogy and the Meshalutian Trilogy; a ghost haunting the legacies of both Flippo and Rintel alike.


Conception terms:
  • Rape
  • Genetic fusion in lab
  • Consensual
  • Genetic extraction in lab

Marriage and descent indicators:

  • If a horned "T"-shape exists, the child was conceived during the couple's marriage.
  • If warped "S" shapes connect both parents to child, then child was conceived outside of marriage.
    • If there is a separate "U" shape connected to parents with warped "S" shapes connecting them to a child, then that means the parents got married after conceiving their first child together.
    • If no such "U" shape exists underneath the "S"-connected child, then the parents were never married.
  • Children branching out from circles are from sets of twins/triplets.
  • Biological parents and adoptive parents of adopted children are both listed. Biological parents link to children with solid lines. Adoptive parents link to adopted children with dashed lines.
  • A red "X" indicates that a marriage was voided by one of the spouses being widowed, thus allowing them to remarry.
    • A black "X" through a marriage "U" shape indicates a divorce.

Family tree

This tree illustrates how about a century of Sam Wrikon and his offspring began their reign of terror, but how it ultimately ended in Shalia Flippo half-defeating the Wrikon Curse.

Dwayne Lloyd, suffice to say, was off his game when he chose Marissa Hood as a target. Marissa raised Shalia in the same way that she herself was raised: in the woods outside of Boonville by her mother Alexis Hood.

Alexis was the surviving widow after her Indian husband Sadasheeva Cherupara was murdered by Thuggees.


First generation

  • Steve McNolan, a renowned minor league baseball player, is an abusive man who mistreats his girfriend, Alison Ligash.
  • After Alison gets pregnant, Steve's violence becomes unbearable, and he is sent to prison on battery charges.
  • Alison, while still pregnant, befriends and falls in love with Tobey Flippo. Tobey is infamous, having involvement and debts both with Phaelite scientists and with the government concerning his role in covering up the fate of Centipede Charlie.
  • Career criminal Dwayne Lloyd rapes the saintly Marissa Hood. The result is Shalia Hood.
  • Tobey and Alison Flippo make a deal with the Phaelites, letting them experiment on her firstborn in payment for protection from the Hebbleskin Gang.
  • Stan Flippo is born.
    • Stan is experimented on, infusing him with centipede DNA via a donor centipede referred to as "Grandma Centipede" by Stan's children.
    • Some of Stan's initial DNA is put into a test tube, and female Phaelite Insila Murtillo undergoes an experiment to see if the half-clone can grow inside her.
  • Ploribus Murtillo, Stan and Insila's son, grows up to become Darius Philippine. His existence is initially kept a secret from Stan.

Second generation

  • Stan and Shalia meet, befriend, fall in love, and marry.
    • Stan and Shalia proceed to have the third generation.
  • Hector McArthur and Betty McArthur give birth to Donte McArthur. Hector discovers that Donte has manifested as a Phexo, thus Hector reveals how he was experimented on to produce an Emwault child.
  • An unknown assailant rapes Betty McArthur, resulting in her conceiving Khumar McArthur.
    • Her entire worldview is shattered by the experience, causing her and Hector to become estranged.
    • Hector's death four years after the incident in an unrelated one pushes Betty over the edge and sparks the beginnings of Donte's superhero career as Emeraldon. Her mistreatment of Khumar leads to him changing his last name to Hamilton upon turning 18 and moving away from his mother.
  • Eric and Patti Levens have Denny Levens and later Jessie Levens.
  • Stan and Shalia have Reily together.
  • Geoffrey and Patricia Wyer have Erin Wyer together.
  • Geoff and Patti die.
  • Ploribus rescues both Reily and Erin from the Meethlites.
    • Reily and Erin have learned to work together to survive from the moment they were captured by the Meethlites onwards. But instead of viewing each other as a couple, they view each other as siblings.
  • Since Erin is left with no home, Stan and Shalia decide to adopt her.
  • The twins Mike and Jeff are born. (Prime, Despair, and Classic Gerosha only)
  • Tom is born. (Despair and Classic Gerosha only. "Vince" in Gerosha Prime.)
    • Tom goes missing.
  • The triplets Candi, Miriam, and Marina are born.
  • The Weiss family has two daughters: Dolly and Lindsay Weiss.

Third generation

Fourth generation

  • Lex and his girlfriend, Mallorie Wade, have a son together named Silo Wade.
    • Mallorie and Silo disappear before Lex and Mallorie have a chance to get married. Lex suspects foul play.
  • Andy Baret eventually marries.
  • Charlie grows up to become a multi-millionaire. He and Lex begin their own operation to keep Darius' legacy alive. Meanwhile, Charlie marries Melissa Gates. They have Winty and Gordon McArthur.
  • Frank marries Chantell Tambell; and has Lucy, Dylan, and Cindy with her.
  • John McArthur eventually grows up and marries.
  • Dana McArthur eventually marries Devin Spanz. They have Lionel, Curtis, and Anna together.

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