Fred Regale is a minor character in the Q-Basic Gorillas fanfic webcomic saga by Dozerfleet Comics. He is the boss of Stacey Mirafuentes at her internship, and has a crush on Anna Mirafuentes. However, the fate of his pursuit of Anna is left open-ended.

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"Is your mother single?"

Character bio

Little is known about Fred, except that he became the head of an archeological research firm that based itself in Lansing, MI. He took on Stacey Mirafuentes as an intern, and got to meet Stacey's mother Anna. He has developed some feelings for Anna, but it remains to be known if he ever actively expressed to Anna himself how he feels. He does hint to Stacey that he has an interest, but she appears to not pay much attention as her mind is on other things.


Fred appears to be very bubbly, and is often oblivious to things happening all around him. When Pighat sneaks past his security camera, he never even notices. He is revealed to have a very kind heart, but lacks a sense of priority with his attention span.


Fred was always meant to fulfill a niche role in the story, never more than a bit part to further establish Stacey's place in the scheme of things. Originally, he was planned to be designed as a rehash of Henry H. Henderson from Ciem. However, he was later redesigned as a character that could be played by Ken Watanabe, using a modification of the Saito model in Sims 3 designed for the DzMD Sims 3 Inception set at Dozerfleet Labs.

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