"Fry Jam" is a song off the Every Ape and His Brother album "Poss Window." It is a mock commercial jingle for a fictional product of potato jelly. It is a music parody of "I Got You" by Split Enz.


This song was written in response to a grocery store intercom playing "I Got You" way too many times in one day. The system didn't have much audio quality or clarity, so "frightened" in the original song sounded like "fry jam." The song was drafted around the concept that "fry jam" should have been the original lyrics, and thus the song was rewritten to focus on this fictional product. Turning it into a commercial jingle seemed even more appropriate.

As it turns out, sweet potato jelly recipes do exist. However, it is very hard to find a regular white or red potato-based jelly sold commercially that has a french fry taste to it.


When an advertising committee visits Camelorum to look for inspiration in the "Don't Eat Your Friends" episode of Camelorum Adventures, all manner of hilarity ensues while the inmates try to help out. Near the episode's end, the inmates begin singing their rendition of a commercial jingle for a Fry Jam commercial product. Offended by the suggestion, Barry objects that there is "no such thing." He is then horrified when Milly Bays comes on the TV, and begins selling that very product.


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Fry Jam

(from Camelorum Adventures)

First verse

Starchy through, is it great or what?
The Pitchman said, a nutritious lot!

Like spreading fries, on buns...jelly form?
Like liquid chips, a salty flav-storm!

First chorus

Well I don't know, but sometimes I'll buy Fry Jam!
It's like Vegemite, but with better flavor, right? Yeah!

Second verse

You're not sold yet!

The short and long;
Don't know what you'll get!

But you will see!
That it's quite pleasing!

Add some relish...
The flavor's squeezing!!!

Second chorus

Well I don't know, but sometimes I'll buy Fry Jam!
It's like vegemite, but with better flavor, right? Yeah!

Well you won't know, until you've had some Fry Jam!
It's like liquid fries, and it goes great with ketchup, oh yeah!

Third verse

There's no doubt, it goes great with stew!
When you're without, burgers are bland too!

Where do you go? The store to get some!
When you're about, bring home and have fun!

[Repeat second chorus]


And now you know why sometimes I'll buy Fry Jam!
It comes in a jar; you can buy it in a golden can...

Lyrics © 2015 Dozerfleet Records.

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