Fuguestock is a stock modeling brand operating on DeviantArt, which appears to have one main male model as its chief operator.

Personal life

The Fuguestock Operator has admitted to enjoying TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. His favorite musical artists include Muse, Smiths, and Superman Revenge Squad. His favorite books include Jannine 1982 and The Diary of Anne Frank. His favorite writers include Alistair Gray, J.V. Jones, and Kim Newman. His favorite games include Total War, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, and Final Fantasy VII. His favorite gaming platform is the PlayStation 3. He also has a love for archeology.[1]

Dozerfleet involvement

On July 5th of 2016, "Freebooter 14 - Cutlass" was altered to make the model look like Ivan Wilinski of Ride of the Three Bulldozers. This is the closest photographic match to date of the Dozerfleet mascot.

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