Gambino Penguin is a character in The Mutt Mackley Show and short films that take place in the universe of that show. He is played by the 1998 version of the Beanie Babies model "Waddle." Gambino is the token street thug in the series, always trying to mug someone or sell drugs.


  • He is named after the infamous Gambino crime family in New York.
  • His plots to make it in the criminal underworld are frequently thwarted by Detective Hooper, a conniving humanoid basketball.
  • He speaks with a mock-New York/Italian accent, and frequently gets his drug slang mixed up.
  • Gradually growing smarter with each escape from jail, he is nevertheless not a very bright criminal, and is often easily distracted and lured into police traps.
  • His first appearance in film or on video was in the 2003 short Kings in the Corner.

Gambino Penguin, as he's often portrayed by the Ty Beanie Babies ® model "Waddle" ™

Appearances elsewhere

Gambino featured in an ad for the City of Farmington Hills Facebook Page in November of 2010. Here, his New York thug accent was substituted with a jive accent, and his name was censored to "Penguin Dude" to avoid offending Sicilians living in the Farmington Hills area. He appears a short distance away from Mutt Mackley, instructing the latter on how to join the city's Facebook page.