In Dozerfleet Comics, the "Gray Champion" may refer to several things or characters.

The generic term may be applied to anyone who seeks a victory for the ideas behind the American Experiment; one who rises up to meet the needs of a particular generation in a time of crisis, but who was born to three generations prior.

This definition for the Order of the Gray Champions, as defined by William Strauss and Neil Howe, allows for men to fill the role even if they sometimes have ideas that make things worse in the long run. This includes Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and FDR.

In Dozerfleet mythos, the most common definition of a Gray Champion is the definition employed by members of the Order of the Oraphim, an organization consisting of sworn enemies of the Society of the Icy Finger. Said Oraphim organization includes both Gray Champions of John Domeck's variety and Marlquaanites named Oraphim, as well as other heroes both Marlquaanite and otherwise.


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