Hannah is a stock model on DeviantArt, as well as an editor at the site Girls With Comics.

Personal life

As a child, Hannah became heavily interested in comics due to her father taking her and her siblings to the comics shop often. Her siblings would pick out comics with Robin or Catwoman in them, whereas Hannah herself preferred X-Men titles.[1] This became part of a lifelong fascination with both comics and cosplays. As such, she has portrayed in cosplays at conventions characters such as Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, and Princess Garnet. She began to be noticed by her community at Otakon 2009 in Philadelphia.

Her MP3 player of choice is her hot pink iPod Nano. Her favorite films include Casino Royale and most James Bond-related titles. Her favorite musical artist is Welbilt. She enjoys video games, computers, NASCAR, anime/manga, photography, modeling, cosplay, sewing, music, and other such hobbies.[2] Her favorite video games are Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy VI. Her platform of choice is the SNES.


Without stating her alma mater, Hannah has indicated that she was involved in the theater program while up there, and even worked as a technician.

Dozerfleet involvement

On June 30th, Hannah's "Denim and Red::Stock 33::" was edited into a picture of the Camelorum Adventures character Shantal "Floodlight" Luminoso. Only the inability to get in touch with Hannah per her image policy prevents that image from being presented on this site.

Hannah's appearance more or less inspired the creation of Floodlight, along with the character also taking inspiration from Maya from Heroes and Slingshot as portrayed in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD on ABC. Floodlight was introduced to the plot of Camelorum Adventures in the plot outlines for the second season episode "Long Live Fireworks," the episode itself named after a phrase from the 2001 version of Camp Jellybean. Shantal's debut happens shortly after the plot lines in "The Price of Fame."

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