Captain Henry Lohtz is a Welsh pirate in The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. He is the main character in Wealth of a Seashell, which chronicles how he discovered the Gerosha Stone that would later fall into the possession of Stan and Shalia Flippo.

Character bio

Around 1770, the cheery and optimistic Henry got his chance to sail for a merchant named Theodore Micket. However, Micket betrayed his own crew to a band of pirates. All of the merchants were tied up and drowned - except for Lohtz. Lohtz tried to make his way back to England, but Micket was revealed to be clever at playing both sides. He instead convinced the British Navy that it was Lohtz that was the pirate behind it all. This drove Lohtz into exile, and he spent the next several years of his life on the run. He managed to get together an actual pirate crew, and had a pirate war against Micket. The result was his crew gaining enough wealth and fortune to all retire. Lohtz himself would get to keep enough of the treasure from what was left over to accrue what would later amount to a trillion USD. He made his way to Florida in 1773, where he found a place to bury his treasure. He kept a journal full of clues about where to find the treasure. That journal would eventually find its way into the hands of a certain Tobey Flippo, who would make it his lifelong mission to find the treasure.

Along the way, Lohtz found a strange-looking seashell along what would become known as Cocoa Beach. The seashell bore a strange carving in it, as if made by a lightning whelk. It appeared to be the top half of a shell originally belonging to a mollusk native to the waters near France. The carving he saw on one side of the shell appeared to form a letter "G," hence he called it the Gerosha Stone. He assigned several virtues to the stone based on what it symbolized to him from his own life. "Always live beneath your means" and "Pulverize Perversion Persistently" became mantras that would later be adopted by the Flippo family.

It is uncertain what became of Lohtz after sealing the Gerosha Stone in his cave with the other treasures. Some say here "merely vanished." What is known, is that Stan Flippo eventually found the treasure. It was used for a variety of things, one of them to build the Triangulum.


In spite being forced into a life of piracy, Lohtz is very particular about his ethics. He is also known to be a cheery optimist, wanting to see the good side of everything. However, he learns not to be too trusting after being betrayed by Micket. He makes sure to share enough of his treasure with his tightly-held-together crew, that he is able to avoid the mutiny and other problems that are a routine threat for other pirate captains. He also trains his men in banking, seeking to limit how often they actually engage in direct looting.


Lohtz was first referenced in the first chapter of Ciem: Vigilante Centipede dubbed "20,000 Legs into the Backstory." It was decided that if the town of Gerosha were named after the seashell in Stan's possession, then that seashell and associated treasure had to come from somewhere. Henry Lohtz was created as a pirate character to give backstory to how the Gerosha Stone became part of Stan and Shalia's treasure. It was seen as a possible more-serious version of Pirates of the Caribbean, allowing at least one pirate tale to be a part of The Gerosha Chronicles.

Lohtz's story Wealth of a Seashell was first proposed in late 2010 as part of Comprehensive Gerosha, and was later moved into Cataclysmic Gerosha in late 2012. It became part of the Origins and Fallout volume, which would set the stage for building a framework that other titles in the collection could revolve around. Lohtz's history is most relevant to Experiments and Offspring, When Tobey Met Alison, and The Battle for Gerosha. In spite happening only a century after the events in A So-Called Heretic, events in Wealth of a Seashell have almost nothing directly to do with that story. However, the Gerosha Stone's value is ranked second place, right after Hester's locket, due to its symbolic value. It is in the Sodality of Gerosha and the series Sodality that the legacies of both John Domeck and Henry Lohtz come together, as Ciem and the Gray Champion are on the same team for the first time.

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