"Honeybee" Samuel Wrikon is a ghostly villain in from the canceled Meshalutian Trilogy novella Cursed is the Ground, part of The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. His supernatural ghost form is canon to every continuity after Hyper-Uber-Proto Gerosha and prior to Cataclysmic Gerosha. In Sodality, he is just an ordinary man who lived in the 1890s. He is an ancestor of Dwayne Lloyd.

Powers, accessories, and weaknesses

As a Marlquaanite ghost, Honeybee Samuel is able to remain on Earth long after his body has passed away. He has two basic forms: corporeal and incorporeal. His incorporeal form contains a stinger that can manifest through his belly button, capable of stinging his victims. However, he has removed the hook end of it. This enables him to sting multiple times. (In Gerosha mythos development, his belly stinger would later prove to be a prototype for Comprehensive [and by extension, Cataclysmic] Ciem's centilegs.)

He can also turn into a swarm of bees, or command bees to do his bidding. His eyes have been replaced with compound eyes, allowing him to imitate insect vision. He also possesses a set of bee-like wings, though they are more for show than anything else. Parts of his skin have turned black, forming a pattern of brown skin and black stripes to mimic a bee's body color. His only known weaknesses are lightning, and his difficulty in resisting the urge to prey on good-looking women.

In life, he was a vicious serial rapist. His problems with sexual self-control used to be called the "Curse of Honeybee Samuel." It led to Dwayne Lloyd becoming another mute serial rapist. It also led to the Flippo tripelets' issues. In Cataclysmic Gerosha, Sam Wrikon never bonded with the Marlquaan nor worshiped Meshaluta. Therefore, he never became the legendary Honeybee Samuel. Dwayne and the Flippo triplets' issues are explained away by other means.

Character bio

A Miner Named Sam

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Born in the deep south, Sam made his way westward. Sam Wrikon was a black silver miner in an all-white town of Applestream. He often had a stern, angry face, and almost never spoke a word to anyone. When a major accident occurred in the mines, he was accused by some of the miners of being responsible. He was punished by being thrown in a cabin on the outskirts of town, of which the previous resident had died of cholera. The one-room cabin was locked up and beehives were thrown through the windows. Bees swarmed him and he died from excessive stings. The weather turned stormy as he died alone with his affliction of bees in the fall of 1892. Since then, the condemned cabin, could never be torn down. All who ventured inside the cabin for shelter returned claiming they’d seen the ghost of Honeybee Samuel, gazing at them menacingly. Demolition crews could never tear down the cabin. They would always meet either with mudslide or blizzard or and angry swarm of bees when they tried to tear down the cabin. Since his death, his spirit, bound to the evil ghost-hag Meshaluta; has also been bound to the cabin. His cabin is considered haunted and cursed by townsfolk.

Cursed is the Ground

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Crazed former bounty hunter Yenti Roy kidnaps the young Jared Rintel in an attempt to lure Trisha Montoya into his trap. Roy takes Jared to Samuel's cabin, unaware of the curse. Shortly after Roy shoots Trisha at the cabin's entrance, Honeybee Samuel manifests behind him. He has become more bug-like in his appearance, suggesting he has merged with the bees that killed him. He kills Roy, then attempts to kill Trisha. She is able to avoid him long enough for him to set foot outside in the rain. He is suddenly struck by lightning, losing his powers and passing on to the afterlife. The spot where he stood turns into a pile of dead bees. Trisha's only thought to that was: "And this time...STAY in Hell!"

Ciem / Vigilante Centipede

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Honeybee Samuel is alluded to as being one of Candi's ancestors. Vigilante Centipede in particular explains how Sam Wrikon is part of Dwayne Lloyd's genealogy, and how both similarly inspired terror in their victims.


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Sam Wrikon in this version never became supernatural in the sense of his Honeybee Samuel persona. He is still mentioned as one of Candi's ancestors, but his actions in Georgia have no bearing on Candi's life.




Promotional image for the Utterly Sims download, ca. September 2005.

One of the earliest inspirations for Honeybee Samuel's appearance was an alternate form action figure of Buzz-Off from the He-Man toy franchise. This same toy was used to play Beeite in Annihilators Aerodynamic and later played Officer Hornet in Kings in the Corner. In the Animated Hero Classics VHS from 1996 about Harriet Tubman, there is a tall and scary man operating one of the plantations. This character's demeanor became the inspiration both for Sam's pre-Honeybee form and for the way he walked. He was dressed to look like a recently-freed slave, as he would have possibly dressed that way while working in silver mines on a hot day in the 1890s.


Sam gains his supernatural form of Honeybee Samuel in Uber-Proto Gerosha - Comprehensive Gerosha, with those elements being dropped for Cataclysmic Gerosha. He is in every version an ancestor of Dwayne Lloyd, the namesake of a deadly Dwayne Strain STD virus that features in The Gray Champion: Freedom's Apparition. All this also makes him an ancestor of Shalia Flippo, who is essential to all Ciem media and to The Battle for Gerosha. Candi's self-control issues, especially around Donte, were initially explained as her having inherited a curse from Sam Wrikon. Later, this was retconned to her problems being brought on by years of dealing with sexual harassment in school. Sam was made a nominal part of her history, reduced to being little more. He became both a Marlquaanite ghost and a servant of Meshaluta in every version of the story prior to Cataclysmic Gerosha. After that, Meshaluta was no longer acknowledged as existing; thus eliminating her as an entity for him to have followed.

At one point in development, he had the name of Samuel Stronk. This name was subsequently forgotten for many years, leading to his surname of Wrikon being invented as a substitute. Through repeated use, Wrikon became his official surname.


In the early days of DzMD as Utterly Sims, a variation of Honeybee Samuel without the antennae, wings, or compound eyes was made available for download on Mod The Sims. He was later considered part of the Gerosha Multiverse Pack - Sims 2 Edition. As Mod The Sims users became better and better at modding, Honeybee Samuel fell into low demand given the limited capacity for Dozerfleet Main in 2005 to produce quality Sims 2 renders. He was removed from MTS voluntarily, lest he be taken down for not meeting new quality standards. He remained available for download until 2012.

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