"Ice Chimps Undone" is a track off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. It is a parody of "Till All Are One" by Stan Bush, making it the second Stan Bush song parodied on the album and the third Transformers-related spoof on it. In this song, the singer pretends to be Stan Bush, singing about the Q-Basic Gorillas rather than the Transformers.

The song was written on Saturday, September 29th of 2012, the same day as "Obama Ain't Got the Touch." It was uploaded to AmIRight on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12:01 AM EDT.


This song takes the fanfic pitch for a film adaptation of Gorillas, discussed here, and reiterates the plot in musical format.


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"Ice Chimps Undone"

[Instrumental intro, with monkey sounds in background]

First verse

Fighting on, / every known continent! /
A battle is raging / amongst two sapients! /

From the brush, / in Ethiopia! /
Out to stop the Ice Chimps' raids; / on America! /

Q-Basic primates / with banana bombs; /
Send those Ice Chimps, / back to where they came from! /


Gorillas! /
On our building tops! /
Monkeys fighting / in the sky! /

Gorillas! /
Gonna see / this one through; /
Ice Chimps are / so doomed to die! /

They'll be undone! /

Second verse

Primate soldiers; / locked in a feud! /
Keep the Omni Transmogrin; /
From a purpose / so rude! /

Chimps want us, / to be kitties! /
A diabolical scheme; /
By Lord / Quirini! /

Chimps have their moment; / and we all say meow! /
Then the Gorillas fight; / to restore us somehow! /

[Repeat Chorus]


Your towns / may yet / see their defeat! /
And they'll face / no quarter! /

With the Gorillas / here! /
There is hope / in spite fear! /
We'll be saved from / feline misery! /

[Instrument break]


Q-Basic primates / with banana bombs! /
Send those Ice Chimps, / back to where they / came from! /

[Repeat chorus] x 2

Lyrics © 2012 Dozerfleet Records.

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