Jessica, (a.k.a., AmethystDreams1987) is a stock model on DeviantArt, with a history of modeling and photography elsewhere.

Personal life

Jessica is often a model for her sister Sarah Job, who also goes by "BlindEyeArtist" due to being legally blind in one eye. The sisters don't specify on their DeviantArt page who likes what, but the team of AmethystDreams1987 claims to like Alphonse Mucha, Erte, and pre-Raphelite artists as being among their favorite art inspirations.

Their favorite movies include Pride and Prejudice and Howl's Moving Castle. Their favorite musical artists include Nightwish, Imagine Dragons, and Florence and the Machine. Their favorite writers is Jane Austen. Their favorite games include Halo, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, and Mass Effect. Their favorite gaming platform is the Xbox360; though they also enjoy PlayStation 2, and Nintendo 64 games.

In addition to photography and art; the girls enjoy reading, traveling, manga, movies, and the men in their lives.[2]

Dozerfleet involvement

On July 4th of 2016, Sarah's picture of Jessica dubbed "Feathers of Blue 11" was altered to make a photographic mugshot for Gwen Indot from Camelorum Adventures, based on the similar-looking illustrated character in "Street Sweeping Team" by Irina Anghel. She remains the facial template for Gwen.

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The DeviantArt page doesn't specify if this is Sarah or Jessica's birthday.


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