Jessie Morcin is the central protagonist of the canceled TV series pitch Kozerlen. She was originally going to be portrayed by Cassie Tilne, who later went on to portray Monica Shelly in Blood Over Water.

Notable quote

"All I found was his watch, followed by a blood-written note that would define my destiny..."

Character bio

Jessie Morcin and her husband went to visit a theater in town, but she didn't know that her husband was about to be disappeared as part of his role in a much bigger conspiracy. They are attacked upon leaving, and Jessie finds at the mini-mall across the street her husband's watch and a blood-written note that reads: "KOZERLEN."

She spends the next three years of her life both trying to find her husband, figure out the true identity and motives of Corvin the Caller, and ultimately, deduce just what exactly "Kozerlen" means. She seems to find more questions than answers along the way. She eventually does manage to find her husband - but not in time to save his life. The cryptic information he gives her in his dying words allows her to recruit a double-crossed Corvin, who sadly knows less than what he seemed to. They eventually deduce that whatever "Kozerlen" is, a Dr. Kuntz Eirlieben is behind it all.

Development of Jessie's story from there on out was cut short, due to the pitch for Kozerlen being rejected for production.


Shortly after the Wednesday evening-scheduled TVPR 318 class in the fall of 2009 at Ferris State discussed Cassie's pitch for The Widower and the Conspiracy, an idea got bounced around about flipping the gender roles to have it be The Widow and the Conspiracy. The Dozerfleet founder decided to take the premise further from there, making it in the same flavor as X-Files. Cassie was immediately chosen to play Jessie, as he believed she would make a great actress. However, Cassie objected to spending that much time on camera. Shortly after, Chris seized control of the production. Kozerlen was then abandoned in favor of Blood Over Water.

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