Justin Prōper was a student that was in some classes with the Dozerfleet founder at Ferris State University, in the Television and Digital Media Production program. In addition to attending Ferris, Justin became an intern at WKTV, a government access channel for the city of Wyoming, Michigan. He later went on to become a production director at Sunrise Cable Network in the Saginaw area.



Status: Completed
Project Type: Magazine Show
Position: Producer (5 episodes), editor (5 episodes)
Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk Show
Season: 2009-2010
Semester: Fall

Client(s): Ferris Access Channel

Paul Bunyan's Bloody Ax

Status: Completed
Project Type: Short film
Position: (unknown)
Client(s): Video II Class

Who's Who

Catalog #: DZ022
Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk show episode
Episode of: Who’s Who at FSU?
Position: Graphics
Client(s): Ferris Studio Production Class


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