Lenny Hidds is a character in the Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. He is a mildly sympathetic villain in the Meshalutian Trilogy novel 90 Has No Secant, where he serves as an underling to Dewey Reynolds.

Character bio

Long before he virtually worshiped and became slave to Dewey Reynolds, 28-year-old Lenny was a druggie with no direction. His family was poor, and came to the US illegally from the Bahamas. After his most recent girlfriend nearly kills him with a broken beer bottle, he becomes afraid of most women.

Dewey saves his life, and scares the woman off. Lenny, in gratitude, becomes the equivalent of a slave, doing Dewey’s bidding in turn for security. He becomes addicted to various drugs, which he calls his "pixies." He uses money earned from working with Dewey not only for survival, but to pay for occasional indulgences.

Dewey at one point after breaking into the Rintels' house orders Denny to go upstairs and look for anything useful that they can rob, as Dewey doesn't wish to take his eyes off the utility room door lest Mandy escape. Lenny finds that the storm has made the second story of Rick's house very hazardous, and he is nearly killed at least once. Several manifestations of Meshaluta's poem nearly frighten him to death also.

Nekoda's psychological trauma on him takes a toll, as does witnessing Dewey being killed by Nekoda. The stress of it strains his already-weakened heart, leading to him dying of a heart attack before he and the Rintels can be rescued.

As the Rintels seek safe shelter while Nekoda's eyewall approaches their house, Lenny's remains become crushed under falling debris from the collapsing second story. Some time after the Rintels are rescued, the eyewall's other end reaches their house. Winds blow away most of what remains of their home, sweeping Dewey and Lenny's remains away as well. Their bodies are never found.


Lenny's codependent nature and child-like intellect and emotional state lead him into constant abusive relationships. He doesn’t mind robbing houses, so long as he doesn’t have to hurt anyone physically in order to do so. He enjoys his time with Dewey, but the partnership of these two burglars is tested to the limit by the more-devastating evil of Nekoda. It is psychological torment brought on him by Nekoda, along with growing disillusionment with Dewey's true nature, that lead to him switching sides and helping the Rintel children out following Dewey's death.

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