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Part 1

The Camelry are informed by Stan in a meeting that he wants to reward them for all their world-saving by moving them to the new Camelorum Halfway, where they'll have a few more freedoms. The halfway would also serve as a rehab center for others, including some on the streets that Johnny knows. Johnny, Laney, Shaniqua, and a few others who are not inmates in Camelorum Correctional nor official Camelry members yet are invited to the meeting. However; the celebrations are quickly dimmed when the mayor shows up to insult everyone about their inability to stop Spatula, Xiboruty, Xironooti, Shakesbear, and Utkitroll from causing property damage.

The mayor steps up his game when the Camelry clearly don't respect his antagonism; and he mentions the Clown Accords designed to make it easier to hunt down killer clowns leftover from the Killer Clown Fad of 2016. All clowns that are legitimate will avoid wearing clown outfits for the first six months of the act.

Laney objects that nobody can prove those clowns actually killed anyone, and the mayor argues that the Camelry is "considered clowns, the lot of them," regardless by the city. Therefore, they have to either sign or resign from being clowns. He argues that the UN agrees to the measure, and that "this makes it okay." Laney leaves frantically, fearful she'll be exposed as Jackie Regg. Johnny argues that it's none of the UN's business, and the rest of the Camelry agree. He offers them a week to make a decision. Stan argues that by simply modifying their outfits to look more like proper mercenaries rather than goofy superheroes, they can fulfill the obligations of the temporary accords and not have to cease being the Camelry. The mayor leaves, embarrassed by Stan finding a loophole.

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Part 2


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