Liquidon Ethereteel is a character in Stationery Voyagers. He is based on the 2000 model year GilletteLiquid Paper™ Pen.


was a martial arts student in the school of Mikloche, where he gained powers of flight and teleportation. Also aspiring to be a doctor, Li and his brother Liquimo would spend entire weeks visiting villages and helping out the sick and needy; often spending their breaks by sparring in the hillsides.

When early wind caught on of the Voyager program, Liquidon immediately took an interest. He wanted to be a medic aboard whatever vessel would help Stato and Verinthia as nations to make more allies.

Things took a turn for ugly when Astrabolo and Astriliad, twin figureheads of the Yehtzig Pirate League, invaded the hillside and began scouting. Astriliad very quickly got himself into trouble, leading to him sparring with Liquimo. He very nearly sent Liquimo falling off a cliff to his death— but then Liquidon in a split-second maneuver caught Astriliad off guard! As the cruel pirate lord fell to his demise, his brother Astrabolo flew into a rage!

Astrabolo retreated, only to begin a relentless campaign to bring about genocide one way or another against the entire Whiteout species! Liquidon now carries the burden of guilt over his role in Astrabolo's ambitions, as he seeks to make things right while aiding the Voyagers in their missions.

As a Whiteout and a practitioner of Mikloche, Liquidon is the most powerful member of the team. By season 3, his powers include flight, teleportation, seismic burst, rapid momentum transfer, rapid shockwave generation, enhanced telekinesis, super speed, super strength, and enhanced bio-luminance. His power is considered dangerous, as he gives off large amounts of ultraviolet radiation whenever he uses it. Possible dangers of overuse include brain damage, Glowmatti suicide, inflicting friends with cancer, or simply turning into a nuclear bomb and destroying an entire city.

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