The "Longacre Ghost Hunt'" was a short video made for the SWOCC Studios Special Events Show.


This piece was shot around the same time as a few other events going on at the Longacre House. However, the event focused on most was a visit from the Ghosthunters of Southern Michigan. They gave a conference revealing their explorations of past claims of haunting. A few cheesy effects of ghosts were added to the piece to jazz it up. One of those featured Jayson pretending to be a menacing ghost.

There was one supposed claim of a haunting at the house; but otherwise “the dead are apparently not that interested.”

Visitors took a tour of the house afterward, looking for any strange smells that seemed out of place. Whether or not those smells could have been in any way a result of the cooking show held in that same building was not brought into consideration.


Shortly before the event started, a wedding party gathered outside the house. They gathered outside because they didn’t get permission to hold the wedding inside. The bride was hiding in a minivan for some reason, delaying the wedding.

The video finished with a one-second clip of a girl the Dozerfleet founder knew in high school, with a ghostly laugh dubbed over. It was a perfect video for the Halloween season, going together great with all the apple cider and pumpkin pie being enjoyed that time of year.

SoaT rating

The number below is based on an estimation of city motive and city funding allocation to sponsor the event. Due to the very low score, it does not seem likely that events such as this one held at the Longacre House are going to be a cause for much concern to taxpayers.

SoaT Index Rating
SoaT 9%

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