La Zavala is (a.k.a., DiamonEyes) is the username of a stock model and photographer present on DeviantArt, specializing in "vintage" stock.

Personal life

Luis Zavala has stated a love for various genres of music; including breakbeat, trance, house, down-tempo, old school hip hop, and classical. His preferred art style is biomechanical/steam punk / cyberpunk. He also likes art deco and low rider art styles.

He utilizes whatever Mac OS X version his computer will run, though he stopped counting versions at Snow Leopard. He also has an iPod. His favorite cartoon characters are Spike Spiegel, Popeye, Goofy, and Bloodshot. His favorite visual artists are H.R. Giger, Yoshitaka Amano, Dan LuVisi, Luis Royo, Jared Wingate, Stein Zupancic, and J. Christopher Schmidt.

His favorite movies include Titanic, The Dark Crystal, Avatar, Memento, Dredd, and The China Syndrome. His preferred music artists include Michael Jackson, BT, Akira Yamaoka, Buddy Holly, and Portishead. His favorite books include American Gods, and Dan LuVisi's LMS: Last Man Standing. His favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dan LuVisi, and William Novy. His favorite video games are Final Fantasy, Deadly Premonition, Bioshock, Silent Hill 2, Pac Man, and the Gears Of War franchise. His favorite gaming platform is the Xbox 360.[1]


Luis attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in order to enter his profession. He has since complained that it "wasn't worth it," as what he was taught was "already way outdated" per current industry standards. That it was "a money trap," designed "only to create debt." This has by no means been the only time someone has said this of an institute.


In a journal entry[2], Luis has stated that he lives life "like a vagabond," going from one project to the next and "effectively living on the set" of whatever project he has agreed to take. His photography side work is what keeps him afloat in-between film projects. To assist him in this, he utilizes Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio, a Canon Elan 2E and a 7E of that series, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

On September 19th of 2016, Luis announced on his DeviantArt journal page that he had become an editor for the YouTube channel "Death Toll's Corner."

Dozerfleet involvement

In 2015, Luis' photo of a vintage bouncer was modified to look like The Socratic from Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, given that photo's resemblance to the character. He has been the closest photographic match to date for the character, one that was originally created in The Sims 3.

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